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Life at Aleido

At Aleido, you contribute to our mission of bridging the gap between technology and the people who depend on it. We’re committed to creating a collaborative, forward-thinking and inclusive environment, where people trust that their skills and perspectives are valued.

Value principles

We’re guided by our value principles. When you meet and interact with us, you can expect us to:

Be the possibilitarians

Yes, it’s a made-up word. Because we did not find a formal one that best describes us. It is our way of putting a name to an intangible quality that sets us apart. So, what does it mean? For us, it’s clear: People who stay positive, focus on opportunities, and take action.

Collaborate openly

We look to collaborate because together we are stronger, smarter, and more likely to discover new ways to create real lasting value. It strengthens bonds between us and the people who depend on us. We do this in teams, across roles, and between locations.

Build meaningful relationships

We believe that good relationships mean good business. It’s why we aim to challenge and exceed customers’ expectations. Together we share responsibility in the victories and setbacks. And it’s in the toughest moments that we prove our commitment and what it means to be professional – a true partner.

Embrace different perspectives

Working closely with people of different backgrounds and experiences inspires creativity and widens our understanding of human behaviour. We’re a team that recognises the individuals that make us better through an inclusive environment.

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All about people

Flexible working

We believe in the value of flexibility. At Aleido we have a progressive remote work policy, and most people can work remotely (meaning not at an Aleido office or at a customer site) on a regular basis. We offer support in setting up a remote workspace. The offices are great places to interact with your colleagues and network and we equally value the positive effects of meeting each other in real life.

Employee experience

We regularly survey the experience of working at Aleido. It makes us proud that our main strengths lie within inclusion & equal opportunities, leadership behaviours and well-being. The surveys also act as a vehicle for change and improvement. We approach this by involving everyone in workshops aimed at refining and cultivating what it means to be people-oriented.

Learning and development

We know that competence is our competitive advantage. That is why we are committed to learning to stay on top of the changes in society and continue to grow as professionals. We have a Learning Promise that guides us in giving everyone the chance to continuously learn at work.

How we learn and develop

Locations and benefits

We offer people the benefits, support, and tools that they need to grow and perform. Benefits vary across our different entities and are aligned to local legislation. Depending on where you work, you may benefit from extended parental leave, healthcare, language courses and various subsidies. Subsidies include fitness, e-bikes, meals, transport, and more.

Our offices


Aleido is a Swedish based company with over 900 people in five different countries on several locations. To take a look at our office spaces around the world and learn more about life at Aleido, see our local sites: