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Medical technology

Knowing how to properly use medical equipment and pharmaceuticals can be a matter of life or death. We support the life science sector with product information and learning solutions to make life safer for healthcare professionals and patients.

Empowering healthcare professionals and patients with product knowledge

Every day, patients and healthcare professionals around the world rely on product information and training developed by us to save and improve the quality of lives. We support the life science field with user and service information for medical equipment, labelling of medicines, consumables, and training of professional users.

Regulations like MDR and IVDR put high requirements on each step of the medical equipment process from concept development in the R&D department to continuous use, be it in a hospital, a home or elsewhere. The demands on product information are extremely high. Lives depend on the information being correct and that equipment and medicine are handled professionally and safely.

Digital staff training in handling medical equipment is becoming increasingly important. Growing technological complexity of equipment as well as high staff attrition rates and little time available for classroom training are some of the driving forces. We promote the development of digital learning and support medical technology and pharmaceutical companies in everything from concept development and content production to learning distribution.

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A world-leading medical equipment company has entrusted us to develop all relevant product information for their products, such as service and operator manuals. We have supported our customer for over a decade, taking full responsibility for the complete development process from input gathering to validated deliverable. We are also responsible for managing the coordination of translating the manuals into 30 languages and verifying that the content in each language is correct. Since taking over this responsibility we have managed to shorten the lead time significantly. Our delivery is made in a multi-site setup, adding to the cost efficiency of our services.

Bio Gaia wanted to grow and develop its external research network, where some 50 research institutes and clinics worldwide collaborate, and create a global, online learning community where medical experts share knowledge, support, and have a dialogue with the participants. We have supported BioGaia with a bespoke blended learning program, using Totara Learn as the technical foundation.

Now, in the BioGaia Academy, medical experts can share knowledge and support participants all over the world, through interactive video lectures, eLearning modules, assignments, assessments, forums and webinars. The network also includes a blended learning program, social learning and peer-to-peer assessments.

The learning programs in the network are a mix of mandatory learning with assignments and webinars, as well as several optional learning resources. Assignments are supported by the forum features in Totara Learn where participants are asked to provide their own reflections on research articles, and comment on their co-participants’ feedback. A variety of learning formats are used in the programs, such as learning modules and interactive video, using the built-in support for H5P content.

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BioGaia Academy has given us the opportunity to engage and educate Health Care Professionals from all over the world in a fun and cost-effective way.

Jonas Weimer, Regional Sales Director Norther & Eastern Europe at BioGaia

A trusted partner in life science

We are proud to say that we have had long-term partnerships with med-tech and pharmaceutical companies for years. Working in close cooperation with their organisations and suppliers, we take full responsibility for labelling deliverables from both development and maintenance projects. It gives us a unique understanding for the life science field, and we fully apprehend the processes to be regulatory compliant. We can support whether there is a need for creating pre-market mock-ups for authority approval, or a need for publishing validated information when entering new markets.

Our customers within medical technology appreciate our competence and skills, and how we cooperate. When asked how satisfied they are with us as a supplier, we receive an NPS score of 67.

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