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What we stand for

At Aleido, we stay at the forefront of the information evolution. With decades driving the development of aftermarket information and digital learning, we know the importance of informed users. Our mission is to bridge the gap between technology and the people who depend on it. In short: to make the advanced simply understood.

How do we get there?

To create smart new solutions that can add value to people and our planet, we are dependent on different perspectives. We want people who dare to try new things. People who take action and think ahead. People who see possibilities.

Aleido Value Principles

At Aleido, we have four value principles that guide us in each decision we make. These principles form the foundation of our culture and apply to how we think, act, and behave towards each other and our customers.

We are Possibilitarians

Who look to Collaborate openly

And Build meaningful relationships

By Embracing different perspectives

These are the values that shape who we are. These are the values that shape Aleido
This is our path to becoming the most trusted partner in making the advanced work for everyone.

Do these values align with yours? We can offer you a people-oriented, collaborative, and forward-thinking environment where your unique perspectives will be valued. Join us

leadership at aleido

Leaders at Aleido create results through people. By adopting the Aleido Leadership principles, our leaders enable people to contribute as valued professionals. You can expect a leader at Aleido to:

  • stay positive and take action
  • promote a collaborative environment
  • be emotionally aware and build strong and trustful relationships
  • turn differences into advantages through high levels of inclusiveness
  • commit to learning and development

Our commitment to learning

Competence is our competitive advantage. At Aleido, we believe that learning is more than taking an occasional course. We believe learning takes place continuously – whilst doing daily work, when collaborating with colleagues, and through formal courses. It is ongoing and adapted to each individual and situation. Want to know more about how we continuously learn and develop?