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Component Content Management System

Reuse your content instead of creating it over and over again. With our expertise in Component Content Management Systems (CCMS), we help you create information quickly, keep it updated with ease and apply it wherever it’s needed.

Efficient tool to keep information up-to-date

When a product is upgraded or parts are replaced, you can no longer rely on printed manuals and pdf files that were correct when the product left the production line. The information about it needs to reflect what it consists of today, in terms of accessories, replaced components and software updates – not what it consisted of when it was purchased.

Through all our customer collaborations in different industries and of different sizes, we have built up an extensive competence about different Component Content Management Systems and how to best use them. With the help of our skilled experts, we help our customers make the most out of a CCMS. A capable CCMS lets you create content in searchable, independent units called topics. They can be presented in all types of channels, alone or combined. When a product changes, it’s enough to change the affected topics. It makes it easy to keep your product information up-to-date no matter how old or updated the products are. Information that is relevant for many products and documentation deliverables, such as a warning text, can be reused wherever and whenever it is needed, so you only need to create it once.

We often use our own CCMS for customers who have chosen us as a partner to create and maintain their technical information. This is a smooth content creation tool with a number of built-in modules, such as automatic translation management and a task management module. It makes technical documentation development even more convenient and efficient, keeping down both time and cost for creating and maintaining your information.

Information for London taxi drivers

London taxi drivers need information about their cabs’ features, and service technicians need to be able to service the vehicles efficiently. As an exclusive partner to the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), we have provided product information to maximise the use and user experience of the world’s most advanced electric taxi, TX eCity.

The team created content in our Component Content Management System (CCMS), with practically no lead time for system setup and training. The integrated labour times module made it possible to develop service instructions and labour times simultaneously, using CAD data provided by LEVC. Alongside text elements, the product information incorporates a large number of illustrations. The automatic translation management interface in our CCMS made it possible to handle all translations, initially in English, Dutch and simplified Chinese, with more to come - including bi-directional languages.

The most efficient tool we know

We use our proprietary Component Content Management System in our functional outsourcing assignments, where we take full responsibility for our customers’ product information. They expect short delivery times and a consistent and high quality, which we can best deliver using our CCMS. It is developed and maintained by experts with vast experience in production and consumption of product information. Aleido’s CCMS contains more information features than most other CCMS:s on the market, and it’s well appreciated by users for supporting the entire aftermarket process and the closeness between super users and the development team. It brings flexibility and functions that are up to date. Another benefit with Aleido’s CCMS is the license handling model where external users (like review instances or translators) get easy access, free-of-charge, to the system via a web interface.

Some features in Aleido’s CCMS

You can send one or more manuals in one translation package, and our CCMS will sort out which topics include changes and need translation, and which don’t. The status of the included topics is changed when the translation package is sent to the translation agency. You can follow what happens with all included topics in the user-friendly preview interface and keep track of all the stages in the translation process.

The task management module gives traceability in all stages of information production. When a change request (a document or illustration order, an error report or a print order) is placed in the system, the change itself, the date when it happened and the user who took care of it are visible and, from that moment, possible to trace. You can follow the progress in the board from the web interface and both internal and external users can create reports from the view.

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