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Learning solutions

As our world becomes increasingly complex, knowledge and effective learning are key to keeping up. Aleido is a top provider of professional learning services. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Learning boosts engagement

At Aleido, we understand that learning is the key to driving change: The more knowledgeable employees are, the more secure they are – and the more pride they have in their work. This in turn leads them to invest more in their organisation’s success – as well as their own. We develop both the content and the learning platforms that transform know-how into structured, relevant learning that improves skills, builds confidence, and boosts engagement among employees, customers and partners – as well as boosting your bottom line.

Your learning partner

Aleido is your go-to partner for customised modern learning strategies that deliver results. We provide the skills and tools to help your organisation develop employees, build knowledge within service and sales teams, and equip customers with product knowledge. Our mission is to drive change through learning experiences tailored to your audience. We help you reach your business and transformation goals with smart learning solutions, offering everything from onboarding and implementation of policies and processes to compliance and certification, deployment of systems and tools, and roll-out of products and technologies.

Why digital learning

Today, we are all overwhelmed with a never-ending stream of information. Personalised and effective learning is more important than ever in our professional lives. We need the right knowledge, at the right time, and in the right format.

How we work

Our aim is to drive change through digital learning experiences. To achieve this, we perform a training needs analysis and develop customised learning solutions. These are based on your organisation’s goals and adapted to your target group’s needs and behaviour. This ensures efficiency and goal fulfilment in all aspects of the learning process.

What we do

At Aleido, we are committed to helping you with all your learning needs – on your learning journey. We specialise in creating tailored learning management systems and courses digital training solutions, as well as providing strategies and advice to enable efficient learning throughout your organisation. We work with the entire learning ecosystem, from fully customised systems and learning experience platforms to off-the-shelf courses and e-learning – all the way down to the smallest piece of content.