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Simplified employee performance reviews for Huddinge municipality

Employee performance reviews are a challenge in a municipal organisation. The departments' activities are completely different from each other. At the same time, it is important for all employees to feel a sense of community – that they are an important part of something bigger.

To succeed, a clear and common structure for dialogue, goals and follow-up is needed. Aleido was entrusted to create this for Huddinge municipality by implementing and customising the performance management system Totara Perform.

We needed to digitalise our employee interviews because we had no good way of keeping the documentation. It was complicated for managers to keep track of what they had previously talked to employees about, says Torunn Svensson Hällqvist, HR strategist at Huddinge municipality.

Together with Torunn, Aleidos experts created a proposal for a customised structure in Totara Perform for Huddinge municipality. It was based on Huddinge's templates for employee performance reviews and was adapted to be consistent with current research on goal setting and follow-up.

We have ten political goals in the municipality. In order for each individual to feel motivated, both the departments' goals and the individual's own goals need to be linked to the political goals. When it becomes clear to each employee that they are contributing to a higher purpose, it is easier for them to feel meaning and motivation in their work. This solution was possible because Totara Perform is so customisable.

Torunn Svensson Hällqvist, HR strategist at Huddinge municipality.

Check-ins when needed

Today, all employees in Huddinge municipality have an annual performance dialogue with their manager. At the same time, research is clear that more frequent follow-up is needed for people to feel motivated at work. Therefore, a customised structure for goal follow-up was created in Totara Perform, which means that a greater part of the responsibility for follow-up falls on the individual.

Now each employee can see how they are doing in relation to the goals they have set together with their manager. For the manager's part, the system makes it easier by allowing the manager to follow each employee's progress. In this way, the annual review can be supplemented with shorter reviews if either the manager or employee finds it necessary, says Torunn Svensson Hällqvist.

Tailored to their needs

It is also easy for managers to prepare for the annual appraisals, as everything that has been said in the past is easy to find. The system also provides a clear overview of who manages whom, statistics, progress and much more. These are elements that together save time and contribute qualitatively to the organisation.

Both Totara Perform and Totara Learn, which Huddinge municipality has used since before, are plugin-based systems. This means that we as a Totara Partner can do almost anything the customer wants.

Jonas Faxerin Barkman, Project Manager at Aleido.

Two screens that shows Huddinge municipalitys employee reviews

Huddinge municipality's employee performance reviews in Totara Perform began with a test group in early 2022. After dialogue with the participants, some minor adjustments were made before the system was opened up to the over 7,000 employees in the municipality. The response has been very positive –among other things, employees have reported that managers are perceived as well prepared.

We have received a lot of positive feedback, especially from our managers. Aleido's team has been fantastic in this change process. If I had questions or was worried about something, I got a quick answer and that was crucial for us have the courage to implement this, says Torunn.


Aleido has contributed with

  • Totara Perform - Installation and training in the system's possibilities.
  • Adaptations - Customised solutions in Totara Perform to ensure that the system meets Huddinge municipality's needs and wishes.
  • Consultation - As a partner, Aleido has continuously provided advice, workshops and support throughout the process.

This is Totara Perform

Totara Perform is a tool supporting your organisations competence management and in a smooth way connects it to your employees learning and development. Totara Perform is part of the Learning Management System (LMS) Totara Talent Experience Platform.

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