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Learning roll-out support

Effective e-learning modules and a well-designed learning platform are key to learning success. But there is more! A carefully planned roll-out of your learning programme maximises its positive impact.

Get the best out of your learning programme

A good roll-out makes your target group aware of the learning, motivates them to do it and helps them understand how to use the learning in their daily work. Framing a training programme with preparation and follow-up activities boosts learning outcomes and drives positive change.

Our skilled learning advisors can help you to plan your roll-out strategy and support you on the journey to get the best results.

Aleido’s roll-out support can include:

  • Pre-launch support communications for participants and managers
  • Follow-up materials such as support resources or workshop exercises
  • Guidance for managers on how to follow-up and support their team
  • Measurement and analysis of achieved learning impact


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Erik Baljeu Djurback

General Manager Aleido Learning