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Graphics, video and animations

In the modern world of education, brand compliant visual content has become a powerful tool to enhance learning experiences.

Create visual engagement

Videos and animations bring complex concepts to life in a visually engaging manner. These dynamic tools can break down big ideas into smaller segments, making learning more accessible and enjoyable.

Visual content offers another way to present information through sight and sound, appealing to different learning styles and creating deeper understanding.

The engagement you can get from using such attention-grabbing learning components really can improve how key information stays in the memory, leading to more effective learning outcomes.

Aleido offers bespoke graphics, videos and animations for learning in a variety of formats, tailored to suit your topic and learning objectives. We can produce standalone microlearning or integrate visual media into your learning courses.

Enhancing the learning experience

Aleido has an expert team of video and animation specialists who are highly experienced at producing visual content for learning.

Our videographers and photographers have the expert knowledge and equipment to shoot high quality videos and photos.

Our creative graphic designers develop appealing and accessible 2D graphics and animations styled to your brand.

We can use your product design (CAD) data to develop 3D product visualisations and animations, at a level of detail that meets your needs: from simple line drawings to photo-realistic quality.

We can develop visual media as one-off productions or deliver a high volume for industrialised processes at scale.

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Erik Baljeu Djurback

General Manager Aleido Learning