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Off the shelf e-learning

High quality learning helps workers to excel, giving them the information, confidence and skills they need to push your business forward. In a dynamic global environment, equipping your team with the latest professional knowledge gives you a competitive edge.

Ready-made for immediate deployment

Off the shelf e-learning is a cost effective and time efficient way to train your employees. Aleido’s ready-made online courses cover a broad range of topics that are essential in today’s workplace, such as compliance, health and wellbeing, digital skills and people management.

Our online courses transfer valuable knowledge on a large scale. Ready to deploy immediately, Aleido’s off the shelf e-learning offers an effective and relevant professional development solution for all industry sectors and working environments.

Content you can trust

Aleido’s course topics range from compliance and safety standards to performance culture. We carefully tailor our course collections and refresh them regularly to meet all the key professional development needs of a modern workforce.

Our courses are informed by leading subject matter experts and we keep the content updated so that you can have complete confidence in the accuracy and relevance of your professional training.

Aleido’s ready-made e-learning courses include short bursts of content on single topics and in-depth guidance on more complex subjects. Each of our off-the-shelf learning modules delivers a highly effective learning experience in a time-efficient package.

We offer learning modules that are easy to access and enjoyable to study by a wide global audience. Interactive and engaging learning delivery includes graphics and multimedia, activities and case studies, step by step guidance and knowledge checks to validate and evidence learning.

Our learning designers can adapt any of Aleido’s course content to suit your needs and provide the courses in a range of languages.

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Erik Baljeu Djurback

General Manager Aleido Learning