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At Aleido, we take every opportunity to stay at the forefront of the information evolution. With decades driving the development of aftermarket information and learning solutions, we know the importance of informed users – not just for companies and individuals, but also for society and our planet.


Our roots go back to the international technology company Semcon, which has been in the business since 1980. In 2022, the Board of Directors announced its intention to divide Semcon into two operations, Semcon and Aleido, to give each company the best conditions for developing and realising their potential. As a leading provider of aftermarket information and learning solutions, we continue to build on the Semcon legacy, leveraging our expertise in these areas.


Our purpose is to bridge the gap between technology and the people who depend on it. In short, “To make the advanced simply understood”. This is what drives us every day. It influences how we work together, guides how we serve our customers and informs how we interact with our partners.


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Join a people-oriented, collaborative, and forward-thinking environment where your skills and perspective are highly valued. We are the people who make the advanced simply understood.