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Online parts catalogue

Stop wasting time searching for the right spare part or ordering the wrong one. With our online parts catalogues you and your customers can find and order the right spare parts without any hassle.

Find and order spare parts with ease

A main source of revenue and profitability in the aftersales sector is usually spare part sales, so winning your customers’ loyalty is worth a lot. With our online parts catalogues, you give them an easier process than your competitors to locate and order the correct parts.

Our online parts catalogues connect your spare parts information with e-commerce. You and your customers can search for, identify, and order spare parts seamlessly in an online portal or smartphone app. Customers will feel confident that they have ordered the right spare part and choose your OEM parts that are easy to buy, instead of turning to third-party alternatives.

Spare parts solution for London taxis

London taxis need to be serviced efficiently. As an exclusive partner to the wholly owned Geely subsidiary London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), we have provided product information to maximise the use and user experience of the world’s most advanced electric taxi, TX eCity.

In line with our commitment, we have developed a comprehensive spare parts solution, with these key features:

Our online parts catalogue (also called an Electronic Pats Catalogues (EPC)) incorporates advanced VIN content filtering and search functions. Users can locate the parts swiftly and accurately, which streamlines the servicing process.

By integrating our solutions with existing ordering and dealer management systems, LEVC now has a smooth and efficient procurement process, saving valuable time and resources.

To facilitate the identification of the correct spare parts, our solution includes zoomable hot-spot graphics. With this visual aid, technicians can pinpoint the specific components they need for the repairs which improves the service workflow.

Tailoring spare parts solutions to your business

We have years of experience in developing online parts catalogues tailored to the automotive and other industries. One thing that sets us apart is our ability to understand and address the unique business needs of each customer. We recognize that all industries and organisations have their own challenges and requirements. Therefore, we provide bespoke solutions that align with our customers' objectives.

Keys to boost your spare part sales

Make it easier for your customers to order spare parts from you instead of from third-party suppliers.

Ordering the right spare part should be easy and seamless, whether you have the number of the spare part or not. With our smart product information and parts catalogues, you can find what you are looking for in multiple ways by clicking on a hot-spot image of the correct spare part, entering the number, or navigating a menu.

User-friendly illustrations and animations give an efficient toolset to highlight the correct spare parts in your products. Graphics such as exploded views provide a good overview and allow you to zoom in and out to find the part you are looking for. It is an easy way to consume information that suits today’s users.

To improve the overall buying experience, we seamlessly link the spare parts catalogue with e-commerce. Customers can browse, select, and purchase the right spare parts, a process they will prefer over third-party options. Thanks to the previous steps, they feel confident that they have bought the right spare parts.

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