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Advanced machinery and equipment

Many manufacturers see the aftermarket turn into their main field of business. Digitalised product information has become key to deliver profitable aftermarket offerings and smooth operations.

High demands on product information when the business landscape changes

To prevent products from becoming commodities, the traditional focus on producing "smarter, faster and cheaper" products is no longer sufficient. The competitive advantage is now found in software and automation capabilities, services and solutions around the physical product, and effective revenue streams.

Companies that have adapted to these changes experience significant benefits, and the aftermarket has become their main playing field. The aftermarket generally yields higher margins than new product sales.

To be successful in the aftermarket, access to digitalised product information is crucial. This means providing customers and professionals like installers and service technicians with the right information, tailored to their needs, accessible through any channel, precisely when they need it.

We are experts in helping industrial machinery and equipment organisations leverage digitalised product information to strengthen their aftermarket operations. This ultimately drives growth and profitability.

Benefits of digitalised product information for the aftermarket:

  • Less time searching for information
  • Less need for support
  • Faster and more cost-effective service and problem-solving
  • Fewer unplanned stops through proper product usage and maintenance
  • Increased sales of spare parts
  • Better user experience
  • Less product wear thanks to proper use and maintenance
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The investment we made is repaid year after year as the translations become cheaper and cheaper. The savings in time and money are enormous.

Christer Lindgren, R&D Manager, Automation, ESAB AB

Case studY

It is required within the EU to provide users with manuals in the language of their country. Since ESAB’s equipment and consumables for welding and cutting are sold throughout Europe, the printed manuals contained all European languages and could be up to 1,000 pages long. Users would find most content superfluous. If the manuals were updated, they needed to be reprinted and earlier versions discarded. When ESAB decided to digitalise their documentation, they trusted Aleido’s digitalisation and documentation expertise.

A step in the process was to interpret the requirements for CE compliance of the manuals to determine which information must be printed and which could be available digitally. Now, only a translated safety manual of just a few pages and an illustrated quick-start guide with no need for translation are sent with the products. The rest of the user manuals have been digitalised and supplemented with metadata, making them searchable. To make things even easier for the users, a QR code in the quick-start guide leads directly to the online manual library, where the user can download the manual in their preferred language.

Digitalising the comprehensive user manuals brings big savings in both printing costs, warehousing and distribution. Fewer printed manuals put less strain on the environment. By reusing content and existing translations, the digitalisation has also made it possible to lower the translation costs.

Read the full case study here

Decades of working with the advanced machinery and equipment industry

With over 25 years of experience in the advanced machinery and equipment industry, we understand our customers’ aftermarkets and how to transform product information into an asset. We continue to lead the development of product information and digital learning solutions for renowned manufacturers.

With our skill centres in the UK, Germany, Sweden, China, and Hungary, our customers know they can rely on us to provide innovative and future-proof product information solutions. We bring cost-efficiency and high quality to every assignment.

Our customers within advanced machinery and equipment especially appreciate our competence and skills, and ability to cooperate. When asking our customers in this industry how satisfied they are with us as a supplier, we receive an NPS score of 73.

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