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Projects and specialist support

Sometimes you need to strengthen your product information team. Whether it’s for special projects, peak workloads, or when you need a temporary resource. We’re here to support.

Support on your terms

Different needs require different solutions. Our customers work in various industries and environments, and they all have different needs. To provide the best match for you, we offer several delivery models: functional outsourcing, projects and specialist support.

We form a team with the right competencies to help you develop strategies or complete your product information projects on time and within budget. We provide project management and drive the projects to reach the targets defined together with you. If you have a preference, we execute the project according to the project model of your choice, whether agile or traditional like XLPM and Prince2. Thanks to our global presence we can tailor the project team for you, based on your technical requirements and cost demands. We can use our satellite solutions to set up the most suitable way of working for your organisation.

We provide specialists who can either work from your site or ours, ready to help with whatever needs you might have within product information or adjacent fields. From operational support to specialists within strategy development, information architecture, tools, UX, information management and learning, we are here for you.

Aleido’s knowledge on what is possible within digital product information management, felt very reassuring.

Josefin Hällback, Brand Manager at Elon.

Case studies

Elon is one of the leading kitchen appliance retailers in Sweden with around 286 stores across the country. Improving the user manuals is part of the strategy for increasing sales related to the company’s own brand Elvita.

Home appliance retailer Elon had worked with Aleido to update and improve the manuals for Elon’s brand Elvita, which offers kitchen appliances and lighting. The next step in the brand’s development was to develop fully digital, web-based manuals to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for right away. Now, besides improving the customer experience, Elon has access to feedback and statistics about what and how the product information is being used.

“Aleido has long experience of working with this type of information solutions. Their proactive and positive approach and high level of service made them the right partner for us when digitalising our manuals”, says Josefin Hällback, Brand Manager at Elon.

Read the full case study here

As part of Sandvik’s digital transformation, the Stationary Crushing & Screening division had the goals to strengthen the aftermarket business through digitalisation and improve the user experience, all while making product information operations and training more cost-efficient. The division develops machines for crushing stones. These machines require a lot of technical information and training for users to operate and maintain them. Digital product information is easier to use, can be adapted to different user groups and has the potential to make the whole service chain more efficient.

In a strategy project with Sandvik we explored and mapped their current and desired status in terms of product information and training. We then developed a roadmap for how to reach the desired status, where the needs of Sandvik’s many user groups are met. In the desired status, technical documentation and training material can also be derived from the same information, which makes development and management efficient.

Get support from specialists who love what they do

With our long and extensive experience in product information, we have gained a leading role globally. Over the years, we have worked in countless assignments with large and small customers, in all sorts of industries. Working with us gives you access to extensive knowledge from our 850 colleagues worldwide.

Our people are the core of our business. We are proud of our high employee satisfaction and put emphasis on professional development:

  • Our specialists – driving development and sharing knowledge about their fields of expertise
  • Our internal networks – sharing knowledge and best practice from a specific industry, competence area or customer organisation
  • Our external networks – cooperating with universities, specialists and communities within product information
  • Our Digital Development Team – developing future solutions for product information
  • Our Strategy Team – working with information strategy, change and improvement projects and benchmarking activities

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