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User and operator information

To use advanced products properly – like cars, machines, and home appliances – you need information and guidance. We add value to your products and improve the user experience through informative content.

Make use of your products’ full capacity

Products last longer when they’re used correctly. When users or operators thoroughly understand how to handle their products, tools, and machines, they can be productive and make full use of them. Also, people value their products more when they feel confident using them and understand their features. In today's business landscape, information plays a vital role in the success of any advanced and complex product.

Understanding how to use complex products or systems should feel effortless. The fast pace of digitalisation has transformed user behaviour and raised the expectations for access to information. As a user, you want to get the necessary information when you need it – not be overwhelmed with information or left with none. The information has to be accurate, relevant and up to date. But it should also be easy to find, follow and understand. In essence, the information must be useful.

At Aleido, we specialise in developing user information tailored for operators and end users. Besides creating the content, we focus on structuring and delivering the information in effective ways. Our goal is to empower users with the knowledge and how to use correctly. We add substantial value to your products by developing user information that is accurate, well-structured, and easy to access. As we adapt it to your visual guidelines and tone-of-voice, it becomes a carrier of your brand too. Our comprehensive approach turns information to an asset that strengthens the overall user experience and sets your products apart in the marketplace. Since we make your information independent of which channels it should be presented in, you don’t need separate output channels for legacy and new information. It’s even prepared for future output channels that we don’t know of yet.

The investment we made is repaid year after year as the translations become cheaper and cheaper. The savings in time and money are enormous.

Christer Lindgren, R&D Manager, Automation, ESAB AB

Case studies

ESAB’s equipment and consumables for welding and cutting are sold throughout Europe. Since it is a requirement within the EU to provide users with manuals in the language of their country, ESAB’s printed manuals contained all European languages and could be up to 1,000 pages long. Each user would find most content superfluous.
If the manuals were updated, they needed to be reprinted and unused earlier versions discarded. When ESAB decided to digitalise their documentation, they trusted Aleido’s documentation and digitalisation expertise.

A step in the process was to interpret the requirements for CE compliance of the manuals to determine which information must be printed and which could be available digitally. Now, only a translated safety manual of just a few pages and an illustrated quick-start guide with no need for translation are sent with the products. The rest of the user manuals have been digitalised and supplemented with metadata, making them searchable. To make things even easier for the users, a QR code in the quick-start guide leads directly to the online manual library where users can download user manuals in their preferred language.

Digitalising the comprehensive user manuals brings big savings in both printing costs, warehousing and distribution. Fewer printed manuals also put less strain on the environment. By reusing content and existing translations, the digitalisation also made it possible to lower the translation costs.

Read the full case study here

We have been a partner to a multinational automotive manufacturer since 1999 and develop and produce digital user information for all their models globally. Our work contains a broad palette of products, deliverables and services, such as user manuals (onboard and in apps), quick guides, service & warranty information, animated quick guides, software information and UX expertise. We produce and deliver the user information quickly and efficiently through our multisite setup, involving information experts in Sweden, UK, China and Hungary.

We have been driving the digitalisation journey in close cooperation with our customer’s User Information team, and taken the initiative on several innovative concepts and solutions. Some of them, that were groundbreaking at the time, are interactive user information, topic-based authoring, mobile applications, Augmented Reality, animations and voice-driven search. Our combined efforts have positioned the automotive manufacturer at the forefront of user information user experiences.

Specialising in user-friendly information

We have decades of experience in producing and providing user information. We know how to navigate users’ varying behaviours and meet their different needs, using the right technologies and our UX knowledge. Our expertise lies in delivering valuable product information for complex products, bringing benefits to both our customers and their users. We lead the way in our field with innovative user apps, contextual information, and illustrated quick guides.

Examples of our user information

With the help of illustrations, 3D images, and animations, you gain an efficient toolkit to explain and communicate the functionality and features of complex technologies. Rather than relying on text-heavy content, graphics offer a clear overview, and interactive images effectively guide users through specific information. Visual content is an easy way to consume information that aligns with the preferences of today’s users. One example is Illustrated quick guides, which visualise the features and benefits of your products.

At Aleido, we have the visual communication skills to develop graphics suited for various information deliverables. We also have great experience and expertise in distributing these visuals digitally, in mobile devices, web portals, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Content production in a Content Management System (CMS) is efficient as several deliverables can often be based on the same product model. Information handling and translation costs are kept to a minimum thanks to robust information management.

A product can consist of hardware or software, but often both. Customers using the product, developers, consultants, support and sales are only a few of the users, all with different information needs. It is a delicate task fulfilling their needs and expectations, especially given the large number of information deliverables used across a product value chain. We can help you throughout the journey.

When we create software documentation and can also handle the information that will be embedded in your product. It makes sure that the wording displayed in the control panel matches what is used in the product information, and that the product can benefit from the translations as well. We see the whole picture.

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