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Information design and architecture

The ease of finding and making use of information depends heavily on the information architecture behind it. Our information architecture experts work across the whole product information landscape to set the foundation and structure, helping you deliver great content.

Set the foundation for excellent product information

To create an excellent user experience, you need a solid architectural foundation. That foundation is what other competences such as technical communicators and illustrators, tool developers and UX designers build their work upon. This makes your product information easy to find, navigate, and use. Proper information architecture ensures that content can be produced and managed in an organised way and that is structured correctly. In other words, a prerequisite for digitalising your product information.

Our information architecture experts support many areas of the product information setup:

Different markup formats like XML and Markdown and standards like DITA to help you organise and structure content for digital consumption.

Enriching the content with metadata to support flexible content delivery where users get information tailored specifically to their product, role or situation.

Setting up reuse and versioning correctly to ensure internal traceability and to create a more efficient and flexible production process.

Working in close collaboration with many roles in the customer’s organisation to make sure their data is in shape to be integrated with PLM systems, APIs and digital publishing solutions.

A vital part of your projects

We are experienced in working with information architecture in highly advanced content production processes at the forefront of product information. Our information architects have a solid understanding of different industries, tools and content management systems, information standards and information products. No matter if you have just started your content digitalisation journey or if you want to take the next step towards future-proofing your content production, our experts will guide you throughout the process.

Our information architecture experts are here to support you in both projects and steady operations:

An information architecture expert helps you cover the content structure aspects in strategic projects aiming to digitalise your product information.

The process of acquiring a new content management system or adjusting any parts of your tool chain can be complex. You want to set relevant requirements, and select systems and tools tailored and configured to meet your needs. Our experts help you throughout the whole process.

When migrating content from one system or format to another, a key activity is to map the old format to the new format. The information architect plays an important part in ensuring that content is properly structured at both ends of the process.

Reusing content can reduce costs and lead times and increase quality and consistency. Filtering information for specific roles, markets and product variants goes hand in hand with reuse. Our experts help you create a reuse and filtering strategy that is manageable over time, for long-term gains.

Content production on a large scale benefits from having a centralised role to monitor content structure, content strategy and tools usage. A resident information architect forms part of the core content production team to support in everyday needs and long-term development.

Take the next step…

Want your product information to meet today’s and tomorrow's needs? Let us support you in setting up a future-proof foundation. Reach out to discuss your needs, using our contact details below. If you want to talk to our customers first hand and hear about the effects of our work, we look forward to connecting you.


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