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Information strategy and assessments

A prerequisite for user-friendly product information is to digitalise it. We help you develop an information strategy that will lead to the results your aftermarket business and users need.

Helping you manage tougher requirements

All companies want their users to be able to use their products with ease, and to repair and maintain them efficiently. However, many need help with how to make their product information more user friendly and value-adding to their aftermarket. A prerequisite to achieve this is to digitalise your product information so it can be distributed and consumed across various digital channels. Digitalising product information brings both new and tougher requirements. To address the requirements effectively, a well-defined information strategy is essential. It should be future-proof and help maximize value to the aftermarket, but at the same time prevent the product information costs from increasing exponentially.

We assist you throughout the entire journey, from defining to implementing a strategy that turns your product information into a value-creating asset. Whether you want to embark on the digitalisation journey in small or large steps, we are here to support you.

Digitalisation workshop

We help you understand how your digitalisation strategy affects product information, what the potential benefits are and how you should act.

Digitalisation assessment

Based on your ambitions, we help you to assess whether your product information, toolchain and ways of working are future-proof and what actions you need to take to get the benefits from digitalised product information.

Digitalisation strategy project

We help you develop a product information strategy with a clear roadmap based on your business strategy, current operations and an anchored wanted state with business case. The strategy is also based on in-depth benchmarking from relevant industries.


We support you how to implement your roadmap.

Thanks to Aleido’s analysis, we now have a clear picture of where we are, where we should go and how to get there.

Malin Törnblom, Manager Technical Information, Hiab Cranes

Clear plan to digitalise Hiab’s product information

Before partnering with Aleido, Hiab and its resellers were spending a lot of time assisting installers and operators as the product information couldn’t be found or didn’t give enough support. This caused a lot of wasted time, products unnecessarily out of service and lost spare parts sales.

To get a clear picture of what needed to change, Aleido started mapping and analysing the needs of Hiab and the intended information users. Six weeks later, a roadmap was in place. With Aleido’s support, Hiab’s technical documentation department could start adapting its tools and processes, from creating PDF manuals to information for a future online portal.

Now, an initial version of the online portal is being developed - and it is progressing fast. By limiting the scope for the first version to one product segment, one target group and one platform, Hiab’s users can get the benefits from the portal as quickly as possible.

A roadmap to the results you want

We have extensive experience in developing forward-looking strategies that align with your overall strategies, business needs and circumstances, as well as the diverse information requirements of your various users. For a successful strategy implementation, we develop a comprehensive roadmap together with you. The roadmap covers new requirements for creating and maintaining information, toolchain, processes, and organisational aspects. Leveraging our expertise in best practices, benchmarking, and profound understanding of efficient product information management, we are well equipped to help you transform your product information into a valuable asset.

Examples of actions in a roadmap

We analyse the needs and requirements of your information user groups, which gives input to what information is needed and how it should be searchable and presented in digital channels.

A mock-up visualises the potential appearance and functionality of a user interface. It is a powerful tool to demonstrate the proposed end-result, fostering understanding, generating interest, and securing stakeholder commitment for future investments and initiatives. It also helps to reduce time and cost as requirements related to content structure, system, and tools become clear at an early stage.

Instead of writing documents, we help you to use topic-based authoring. Topics are small, searchable and independent units of information, optimal for digital formats. They are independent from each other, so users can move freely from one area of interest to another, not bound by any structure besides their personal preferences. The information can be presented in all types of interfaces, like a smartphone app or the web.

Our information architecture experts help you define the structure of information on all levels. The information architecture also sets the rules for how users can filter information and navigate efficiently, making the information feel personalised. It also helps technical authors in their work, with a strategy for when and how to reuse content.

Read more about Information design and architecture

We help you make sure you have an appropriate toolchain that facilitates efficient development and management of information, while also ensuring that the information is ready to distribute and able to fit the needs and requirements of the user groups.

We help improve your processes for quality assurance, review, continuous improvement and translations.

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Business development manager

Aftermarket information