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Graphics, animations and XR

Visual communication makes it easier to understand how to use and service complex technology. It offers a user-friendly approach to consume information that suits the end users of today.

Make complex information easy to understand with visual content

With the aid of graphics, animations and extended reality (XR) you gain a powerful toolkit to explain and communicate functionality and features of complex technology. Graphics can offer a comprehensive overview and guide users through specific information. With animations, you can effectively break down the features and benefits of your products to make them easy to understand and use. Plus Augmented Reality takes it a step even further, by utilizing smartphone cameras to reveal additional layers of information, such as concealed components or internal cabling within the product. It makes it easier to streamline the process for following service steps.

While visual content keeps translation costs to a minimum, the production itself is also efficient as a single 3D model often can be used to generate multiple deliverables.

With visual content you can:

  • Make information easier to understand
  • Improve the user experience
  • Reduce the amount of text to convey a message
  • Reduce translation costs
  • Reuse assets when developing graphics, such as 3D CAD-files
  • Create different kinds of outputs from the same 3D model

Aleido has been very flexible and attentive to our wishes and we are pleased with the good and professional result – which has already been put to use.

Bjørn Tore Orvik, CEO Yeti Move

Case studies

Autonomous solutions company Yeti Move were looking for an engaging animation to effectively communicate their offerings to potential investors and customers. They also wanted the animation to be adaptable to new industry sectors in case they would focus on those in the future. Thanks to our modular approach, sections of the animation can be moved and details can be added, so the animation can evolve over time. The ability to customize and repurpose content in this manner is becoming increasingly important, unlocking numerous opportunities for our customers.

To bring this vision to life, our dedicated Aleido team took ownership of the project and closely collaborated with Yeti Move to create storyboards. By starting with a visual storyboard, Yeti Move gained a comprehensive preview of the entire animation even before the 3D animation commenced. Our team then created the animation and applied all necessary post-production enhancements. Everything showcased in the animation has been developed exclusively for this project.

The project was completed within a swift turnaround time of three months, with a total of approximately 250 hours work across all roles involved.

This efficient execution ensures that Yeti Move can promptly leverage their animation for impactful engagement with investors and customers.

Watch the video here

Our company serves as an exclusive partner to London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC). We were entrusted with the vital task of providing product information that optimises the utilisation and enhances the user experience of the TX eCity, the world's most advanced electric taxi.

As part of the project, we created all service and repair information, often as animations for enhanced clarity and ease of comprehension. Thanks to a close collaboration between technical writers and the graphics and animations team, illustrations are incorporated in the product information alongside the text elements.

Furthermore, our dedicated Aleido team created a virtual reality presentation of the TX Taxi. This interactive experience allows users to virtually sit inside the vehicle, observe its features, and witness the technology in action even before a physical vehicle was made available.

Read the full case study here

Get the best from our graphics centre of excellence

At Aleido we have the visual communication skills to develop graphics for different information deliverables. And we know how to distribute them digitally, through mobile devices, web portals, augmented reality and virtual reality. We develop visual content for industries such as medical technology, automotive, home appliances, telecom and heavy machinery and equipment.

We understand that technology moves at a fast pace, and through our graphics centre of excellence, we can use best and most efficient methods of graphic and animation creation for each deliverable. Our team has experience across a wealth of industry sectors so we can cross-pollinate tools and techniques and use the best methods for the end user, in each individual scenario.

Our large graphics and animation team is flexible and able to up-scale production quickly to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Everyone in the team is multi-skilled, so we can work in an agile way to hit our customers’ deadlines. At Aleido, we make sure that high quality, user-focused output doesn’t become a bottleneck in your production pipeline.

Examples of visual deliverables:

In a world bustling with information and complex ideas, we understand the need for clarity and simplicity. That's why our ‘how-to operate’ animations serve as a powerful tool for explaining intricate concepts to the end user, in an easily understood way. Through animation, we can transform complicated technology or information, into a visually captivating and easily understandable experience. An animation helps users to grasp complex subjects effortlessly, promoting a sense of confidence and engagement. It breathes life into ideas, making them relatable, and accessible to a wide range of audiences.

We understand the importance of effectively conveying your business pitch or product in an engaging, and memorable way. Our talented team specializes in creating exceptional explainer videos that not only educate but also entertain viewers, leaving a lasting impact. When launching new products and services, explainer videos are the perfect tool, especially when dealing with highly technical or ground-breaking innovations. Through animation, we have the ability to transform intricate concepts into easily digestible and memorable visuals. We can help you to inspire your audience and deliver the results you desire. Together, we can create an extraordinary explainer video that captures the essence of your vision.

Unlock the power of visual communication with Aleido. Through captivating illustrations, 3D-images, and animations, we precisely explain and communicate the functionality and features of complex technology. We replace text-heavy content with a comprehensive delivery package that engages users through images and animations, guiding them seamlessly through specific information. End users want easy and engaging information consumption, our expertise lies in developing visually appealing graphics for various information deliverables, while seamlessly distributing them via mobile devices, web portals, AR, and VR platforms. Experience the impact of our visual communication skills and the future of technology communication with us.

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