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Automotive and commercial vehicles

The aftermarket plays a crucial role in the automotive business. It’s where you create a positive user experience and maximise uptime, driving revenue and profit margins. To succeed, access to accurate and timely product information is key.


Whether you're a car owner exploring your new vehicle's features or a service technician doing repairs, you should get the right product information and training in a user-friendly way.

Linking diagnostics, spare parts and service information makes it easy to find the correct original spare parts and change them in the correct way. With an intelligent relation between the information deliverables, you boost both user experience and uptime to drive revenue and profit.

Thanks to digitalisation and connected solutions in the product information and automotive fields, product information and training can be more effective than ever before. And delivered to customers and service professionals in new, user-friendly ways.

Our product information solutions improve customer satisfaction and optimise vehicle uptime, improving our customers’ bottom line. Through data filtering, advanced visualisation, and customised information distribution, we deliver the right information at the right time in the most useful way possible.

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We can help you with:

Spare parts assortment and engineering
Spare parts information
Menu pricing
Online Parts Catalogues (Electronic Parts Catalogues, EPC)

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Guided Fault Tracing
Diagnostics methods
Interactive wiring diagrams
Service schematics
System descriptions

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Service and maintenance information
Repair information
Synthetic Labour Times
Service Bulletins

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Train The Trainer

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User information
Operator information
Service and warranty information
Animated Quick Guides

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Advanced visualisation utilising 3D design and animations
Predictive/prescriptive maintenance
Repair and diagnostics strategies
Translation management

Case studies

Working with a global automotive manufacturer for over 40 years, we have established a strong and multifaceted relationship. Our deliverables include user information, parts, service, and diagnostic information, as well as technical training. Produced and delivered in a multisite setup, our product information experts in Sweden, the UK, Hungary and China are working together.

A prime example is our long-term collaboration as the company’s trusted partner for user information where we develop and produce digital user information for all their models globally. Our work contains a broad palette of products, deliverables and services, such as user manuals (onboard and in apps), quick guides, service & warranty information, animated quick guides, software information and UX expertise. Our success as a partner comes from our commitment to innovation and continuous improvements. Focusing on high quality and digitalisation, we have, together with the customer’s User Information team, introduced ground-breaking concepts and solutions, such as interactive user information, topic-based authoring, mobile applications, augmented reality, animations and voice-directed search. Our combined efforts have positioned the automotive manufacturer at the forefront of User Information.

We developed a learning concept to prepare service technicians for the automotive OEM Lynk & Co’s first European car launch. Built on this, we created a comprehensive digital learning program specifically designed to provide Lynk & Co technicians with the knowledge and skills to service their cars.

The program is mandatory to become an authorised Lynk & Co technician and covers key areas of the workflow such as the workshop environment, technical service and maintenance processes, and new tools. It is delivered in a practical, concise, and engaging format that seamlessly integrates into a technician's workday.

We support Polestar's upcoming electric vehicle model with digital workshop information. Our skilled technicians, engineers, and illustrators collaborate across our sites in Sweden, Hungary and China to create accurate diagnostics, spare parts and service information.

With tailored digital product information, workshop technicians can service, troubleshoot and repair more effectively. It leads to more uptime, streamlined service and maintenance processes with an improved user experience. It strengthens Polestar’s customer relationships, and positions both them and their customers for success in the competitive electric vehicle market.

Aleido was chosen as a partner to LEVC in 2016, to create, translate and digitally distribute all aftermarket product information for the TX eCity. Easily accessible information, describing the car’s features for the driver, and efficient servicing of the vehicle for service technicians were success factors to maximize uptime and enhance the user experience of the TX.

We reused aftermarket information between information types to support several target groups in a unique way. Our product information experts in the UK, Hungary, China and Sweden were all working together in this project.


At Aleido, we are proud of our expertise in delivering high quality and innovative product information solutions tailored to the automotive sector, including cars, trucks and buses. Our skilled team of professionals have years of experience from the automotive industry, having worked at OEMs, dealers, or workshops. From our skill centres in UK, Germany, Sweden, China, and Hungary, we are well positioned to provide highly qualified support.

Our commitment to understanding and addressing our customers' business needs is what differentiates us. When asking our customers in this industry how satisfied they are with us as a supplier, we receive an NPS score of 70.


Reach out to discuss your challenges and opportunities with us, using the contact details below. If you want to talk to our customers first-hand and hear about the benefits of our work, we look forward to connecting you.


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