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Learning strategy

Your situation and context are unique. Your learning approach must be tailored to the needs of your target audience, your organisation and what you want to achieve. That’s what developing a learning strategy is all about.

Strategies to drive positive change

A learning strategy uses learning to drive the change you want. Do you need to increase speed, quality, customer satisfaction, or employee satisfaction? Or just ensure compliance? Regardless of the type of change you need, your team’s knowledge and skills are the key to success.

We can help with your learning strategy

Our skilled learning advisors will help you build your learning strategy, using their experience and our well-proven learning strategy development model. We map the current situation, define where you want to get to, and plan how to bridge the gap.

When developing a learning strategy, we consider everything that affects the learning experience and its impact. Learning content is important but, to achieve the change, you need the right competencies, systems and tools and well-functioning processes, As a full-service learning provider, we add a holistic view to our suggested learning strategy, using experience and benchmarks from a wide range of industries and sectors. We know from experience that it is when the technical and content perspectives align that change is effectively achieved.

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Erik Baljeu Djurback

General Manager Aleido Learning