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Learning management systems

At the heart of every thriving organisation is a well-trained and knowledgeable workforce. Aleido offers the platforms you need to bring impactful training to the right people at the right time, helping your organisation or target groups to reach their potential.

Powerful platforms to optimise learning success

A learning management system (LMS) or learning experience platform (LXP) gives you a digital platform to launch online training programmes.

Whatever your upskilling needs, choose a user-friendly Aleido learning platform to roll out learning quickly and save time on learning administration.

We offer simple and streamlined LMS products, as well as more powerful and customised options for advanced performance and learning management.

Using an Aleido LMS, you can update courses, assign training to specific individuals, and monitor learning progress. You can stay on top of learning needs with clear performance data dashboards and reports.

Our more powerful LMS options let you track detailed learner metrics, so you can address skills gaps and build tailored journeys to high performance. You can analyse learner behaviours to create targeted learning campaigns and engage learners through intelligent content recommendations, peer collaboration and gamified rewards.

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LMS from Aleido: one size does not fit all

Whether you're a multinational business needing to streamline compliance or technical training, a smaller business seeking to onboard employees efficiently, or a community organisation wanting to bridge the skills gap, Aleido offers a suite of robust and versatile learning management platforms that meet the needs of organisations of diverse sizes and different sectors.

Regardless of the LMS you choose, all our systems are easy to use and have an intuitive interface for both learners and learning managers. Aleido’s learning management platforms also come with customisation options to accommodate your branding, unique requirements and existing software architecture.

All our solutions are of course supported by experienced learning advisors and developers.

Learning Platforms provided by Aleido Learning Sweden (formerly Xtractor):

Aleido brings you Totara, one of the world’s most flexible learning and talent platforms, trusted by the globe’s largest brands. Totara gives your teams the power to do their best work with a set of three flexible and integrated talent development tools: an enterprise LMS, a social and collaborative learning platform, and a portal for performance and skills management. Highly customisable to your systems, needs and workflows, Totara offers freedom and comprehensive management of every part of the talent development cycle.

Aleido offers the THRIVE learning platform to businesses in Scandinavia who are looking for hyper-personalised and engaging learning experiences. With global clients in industries such as retail, hospitality, and finance, THRIVE combines all the compliance requirements of a traditional LMS with cutting edge user experience and peer-to-peer learning. THRIVE offers a fun, fresh and mobile-friendly interface with a unique and intuitive experience for every learner. Learners can easily curate and share their own knowledge, explore recommended content powered by their behaviours and interests, and engage with challenges for points and rewards.

Svelte is a highly configurable Learning management system and is designed for any organisation who needs an easy way to launch and access online courses in a few clicks. Svelte is not an Enterprise LMS, but is an LMS being used to good effect by both large and small organisations, partly because of its userfriendliness and affordability. One instance of Svelte is currently being used in over 100 countries. Naturally it is mobile friendly.

Astute LXP is a data-driven learning experience platform that gives learners access to personalised e-learning content and essential off the shelf training. In addition to standard launch and track functionality, Astute offers advanced features to promote a culture of learning in your organisation. Astute LXP makes smart recommendations of learning materials, offers insights on learner performance, and automates learner registration, reminders, and progress reporting. With extensive customisation and global language options, Astute also offers tools to integrate with your existing workflows and systems.

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