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Knowing a universal language

Wajdi Bshara works as a software developer within Aleido Learning. He came to Sweden in 2015 from Syria. He believes education to be one of the most important things in life. And with the help of the universal language of programming, he now gets to be part of making learning even better.

I have always loved helping people solve problems. One way to do that is to code. The idea that a code I work on might solve a problem is amazing. For me, a software project is like building a house, and I enjoy working on every phase of it. Starting from meeting customers in order to understand their needs and helping them to expect how the house will look, moving to designing the house, building, decorating, and then working on customer’s feedback. And finally, to enjoy the customer’s satisfaction. With software development, there is always new things to learn and since it is very dynamic, each situation brings new skills.

Growing up in a third world country has increased my feelings and motivations to be a part of my country’s development. And education is one of the most essential factors to improve. Education is one of the first steps to create equality in any poor society and optimistically to achieve even equity. In my team, we say “never stop learning”. I do believe that learning makes people happier and encourages self-development. And according to UNESCO “education is a human right, it transforms lives, builds peace, eradicates poverty, and drives sustainable development”.

Education is one of the first steps to create equality in any poor society and optimistically to achieve even equity.”

Wajdi Bshara, Software Developer

A programming language is a universal language, which all software developers around the world can understand. Having this programming knowledge with me when coming to Sweden, I had the opportunity via Yrkesdörren organization to get a Software Developer position at Xtractor, which was then acquired by Aleido in 2020. Since 2016 I have been a full-time employee and I love being part of a learning organization. For me, the fun we have at work, the friendliness and care we’re getting from the managers, the challenging projects and tasks we are working on, and the possibility to achieve work-life balance, all make Aleido a great place to work.

As a software developer, I now work closely with project managers and LMS consultants to help our customers understand and formalize their needs, suggest and design solutions, and then transform the solutions into plugins and customizations. We have customers in a variety of industries, such as the health sector, government organizations, education and training, technology and media, sport, and construction. Integrating with third-party systems is a main part of our work and it is interesting to get to learn about other systems and integrate with them.

Finally, I know that my work has a real impact on a lot of end-users and their continuous learning. The daily work tasks that I and my colleagues perform affect more than 10% of Sweden’s population. This is a fact that really makes me proud, and eager to ‘never stop learning’.


Name: Wajdi Bshara
Title: Software Developer
Education: Bachelor of Software Engineering – Masters in Web Sciences
Worked at Aleido since: 2016

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