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Life at Aleido

Aleido is a leader in aftermarket information and digital learning. Guided by our purpose: "To make the advanced simply understood" we specialize in providing knowledge to bridge the gap between technology and people. At Aleido in Hungary we are about 250 people, operating in different industries, such as telecom, industry and automotive.

At Aleido you will work in a people-oriented, collaborative, and forward-thinking environment where your skills and perspectives are valued. We embrace different perspectives and are constantly on the lookout for people with various competencies, skills, and interests.

At Aleido it’s all about people. We offer a range of benefits, including:

At Aleido, we’re committed to providing a range of benefits that support your health, happiness, and work-life balance. We strive to create a supportive and healthy work environment where employees can thrive, both personally and professionally. Initiatives include promoting work-life balance, offering flexible work arrangements, organising team-building activities and training sessions, and encouraging open communication and feedback channels.

Examples of initiatives:

  • Office massage: We believe that wellbeing extends beyond mental health, encompassing the physical dimension as well. Our employees can benefit from scheduled office massage sessions offered on designated days each month.
  • Aleido sports challenge: Combining fitness and team building, our annual month-long Aleido Sports Challenge encourages collaboration and fitness. We challenge ourselves with various activities, ensuring a dynamic workplace.
  • Fruit week: To nurture our health, we dedicate a week each month to "Fruit Week," promoting healthy eating habits.
  • Running competition: Our annual running competition underscores our commitment to health, promoting physical fitness as a manageable and accessible activity.
  • Relax room: In moments when a break is needed, our Relax Room can help employees unwind, engage in board games, enjoy table soccer, or simply occupy themselves in a good book.
  • Resilience and stress management: We recognize that wellbeing entails more than just physical activities and a balanced diet. It also requires the ability to cope with life's challenges and maintain emotional stability. That’s why we’re offering trainings designed to equip our team with the skills to navigate life’s ups and downs with resilience and emotional balance.

At Aleido, we recognise the value of work-life balance and offer flexible working arrangements where and when suitable. Our working conditions empower employees to excel in their roles by having a meaningful presence in the office in the moments that matter, while enjoying the flexibility to work in a way that best suits their needs and preferences.

  • Healthcare: Employees at Aleido Hungary can apply for voluntary health insurance. We also offer our employees a dental care benefit that covers various dental services.
  • Jubilee award: Celebrating jubilars, or long-serving employees, is a way for us to acknowledge and appreciate the employees’ commitment, loyalty, and dedication to Aleido. We give Jubilee Awards to our colleagues who spend 5, 10 and 15+ years at Aleido.
  • Referral bonus: It is an economic compensation for employees in Hungary, to encourage and reward recruitment of new colleagues, as well as finding new assignments.

Our learning culture helps us break new grounds, by encouraging people to develop new skills, share insights and embrace continuous learning. Learning is more than taking a course occasionally. It’s going and needs to be adapted to each individual and situation. That’s why we work with it in several ways. Here are some examples:

  • Induction programme and mentorship: Recognizing that many of our new colleagues are newcomers to the profession, we have established a comprehensive mentoring program designed to convey foundational knowledge in technical writing, serving as a solid platform for the development of advanced skills. We are committed to providing continuous support throughout the employee’s journey.
  • Contribution & development dialogues: We have a process for the dialogue between employees and managers about development. This is your chance to communicate your ambitions and learning needs, and your manager can find ways to support you.
  • LEAP (Learning Aleido Platform): Is our learning platform which is your go-to place for all learning activities. Here, you can find custom-built digital courses, attend recorded webinars, or sign up for face-to-face workshops.
  • Soft skill trainings: At Aleido, we believe in lifelong learning. We offer a variety of training programs aimed at nurturing a skillset that is essential for work and personal life.
  • Hard skills trainings: Aleido hosts seminars and workshops regarding technology and tools that are important to our profession. These sessions present a unique opportunity for individuals across our organisation to advance their expertise in key areas and engage in collaborative learning with colleagues.
  • Leadership development: Our Promising candidate programme is designed to develop tomorrow’s leaders. In a well-defined framework, the participants progress in leadership, business thinking and people management, practising through real-life case studies.
  • Virtual Coffee Breaks: Every other Friday, we host half-hour breaks during which one of our colleagues shares insights about their personal interests, whether it's a fascinating hobby or a special destination they've visited.



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1117 Budapest
+36 1505 06 16

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embedded in everything we do. We support various organisations in need, including drug rehabilitation institutes, homeless shelters, camps for disabled youth, and animal shelters. Through our active involvement, we engage in meaningful activities, such as dog walking and the preparation of essential provisions to make a positive impact on our community.

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Join a people-oriented, collaborative, and forward-thinking environment where your skills and perspectives are valued. We are the people who make the advanced simply understood.