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Information strategy and design

All companies want their users to be able to use their products with ease, or repair and maintain them efficiently. However, many need help with how they can make their product information more user-friendly and add value to the aftermarket.

A prerequisite for product information to become user-friendly and add value for the aftermarket is to digitalise the product information. Digitalised information means that customers, service technicians or any other type of user have access to the correct technical information, exactly when needed and tailored to their needs. Plus the information is available through the channel they choose. To achieve this, we help our customers develop an information strategy that leads to digitalised information, creating the results both your aftermarket and users’ need.

For the implementation of an information strategy to be successful, we develop a detailed roadmap together with you. A roadmap includes new requirements for tools, processes and organisation, as well as information design. By information design, we mean how digitalised information needs to be created and maintained in a cost-effective way.

The design of the product information consists of four areas:

Information model

Containing guidelines for how to use an information architecture e.g. topic authoring, meta data management, elements and attributes.

Writing guidelines

Simplified Technical English for clarity, minimalism for writing only what is required and setting the company's tone of voice.

Graphical guidelines

Instructions for annotations and numbering as well as graphic types and colour palette.

Terminology management

Documenting terms in a consistent and orderly manner.


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Lars Löfgren

Business development manager

Aftermarket information