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Content Delivery Platform

If you want to know how to clean the filter in your washing machine, only that part of the manual is interesting. Our cloud-based Content Delivery Platform, selects and presents the information you need right now, so you won’t have to go through everything that isn’t helping you.

Get the information you need right away

Less time searching for the right information makes each user more satisfied and efficient. Looking at a whole fleet of service technicians, the total time saving is astonishing. With today’s complex products, frequent updates and high expectations on user-friendliness, printed user manuals are no longer fit for purpose. Even if the manual is available on a website, you can’t search for information in a satisfactory way, let alone get an answer presented in a useful manner. Instead, you need digital information that can be filtered.

Aleido’s Content Delivery Platform (CDP) filters all your information to present the piece you actually need. It can manage all types of information, text, images, animations, video and sound. It presents it in the channels of your choice, whether a smartphone app, a web portal or a product interface. Plus it adapts the content to the user, with regard to authorisation level, work environment and which configuration the product has. With our CDP you also get feedback from your users, to understand what information they lack or use the most. This gives you clear indications on how to improve customer satisfaction.

Our CDP brings these benefits, as a direct or indirect result:

  • Less time searching for the right information
  • Less need for support
  • Faster and more cost-effective problem-solving
  • Less wear and tear and fewer unplanned stops
  • Safer operations and service
  • Increased sales of spare parts
  • Better user experience
  • Better understanding of the user's needs and behaviours
  • Fewer information channels to keep track of as both legacy and new content can be presented in the same channels.

The technical documentation customised for the TX electric taxi has far surpassed our dealers’ expectations. Aleido has given us a very rounded and comprehensive solution for our new and future vehicle lines

Paul Squance, Commercial & Technical Engineering Manager at LEVC

Case study

London taxi drivers need information about their cabs’ features, and service technicians need to be able to service the vehicles efficiently. As an exclusive partner to the wholly-owned Geely subsidiary London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), we have provided product information to maximise the use and user experience of the world’s most advanced electric taxi, the TX eCity.

Our CDP presents aftermarket information from a Content Management System (CMS) in three digital interfaces:

  • A web-based service portal used by LEVC dealers. It includes service repair information, system design and functions, an online parts catalogue, a service record module and a learning module.
  • A customised mobile app that includes the LEVC driver’s handbook, with everything the driver needs to know about how to operate the vehicle. It also includes a learning module that provides a structured guide to the main functionality and controls of the vehicle. Notifications are sent to the app when an update is available.
  • An on-board driver’s catalogue, accessed via the TX’s built-in infotainment system. The on-board app uses the same data as the mobile app, with a single source to maintain within the CMS but with multiple outputs. The same source is also used to produce a printed manual and an online PDF if so required.

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Get started with the most trustworthy content delivery platform

With hundreds of thousands of users across the globe in multiple industries, our cloud-based content delivery platform is developed by experts with vast experience in product information. We can support you throughout the whole information development process and are used to handling requirements on content and existing production tools. The platform is modular and can be designed to fit your requirements and conditions.

The CDP is sold as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and thanks to our business model, all customers benefit from our continuous improvement of the platform. We add functionality and refinements as new needs arise among our growing customer base.

Regardless of what content management system you use, our CDP can deliver your information to the channels of your choice. The implementation is scalable in multiple dimensions, so if you want to start small, there are many ways to do so:

  • Implement the content delivery platform for one specific product or user group to start with.
  • Add functions as the needs arise. We offer several valuable functions from the first installation.
  • Start with one output channel, such as a web portal, and add more over time, like a smartphone app, or integrate it in your product interface. Our content delivery platform offers you the possibility to have the user interface tailored to your needs and requirements. If the channels you want don’t exist yet, we can help you develop them.

Some additional benefits

Our CDP gives users access to updated information even if they are not connected to the internet. It automatically synchronises the information when the user is online to ensure the latest data is always available.

The information that a user is looking for reveals what is important to that person right now. It makes it possible for you to tailor offerings that your customers are interested in. Those looking for how to change winter tyres can benefit from an offer from a tyre storage service provider. Those looking for a function that their products currently lack can be referred to an accessory that enables the function, which will be both cheaper and easier than buying a new product.

To maintain and get the most value from a product, the information about it needs to reflect what it consists of today, in terms of accessories, redesigned components and software updates – not what it consisted of when it was purchased. When products change over time, we can no longer rely on PDF files, printed manuals and predefined web pages that were correct when the product left the production line. Our CDP extracts and combines modules of information to reflect a unique product, so the information stays relevant no matter how old or updated it is. All while keeping down the cost of maintaining the product information.

To get the full value of a CDP, information needs to be adapted and structured for digital distribution. Migrating the existing information to a new structure and often to a new system can seem like a daunting task. To address this challenge, Aleido has developed a migration model, based on our extensive experience from various migration projects. A migration model typically begins with a brief analysis where we create a detailed roadmap for the way forward. It clarifies what content to migrate automatically through scripts and what to migrate manually, to make sure the outcome has a high quality while the migration itself stays cost-efficient. The model also gives a clear understanding of the cost of the migration.

Take the next step…

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