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Integrated logistics support

By implementing support measures in the design phase of your system, you can expect reliable operation with minimal issues. Integrated Logistics Support is a method designed to proactively prevent operational problems.

Ensure high operational availability right from the start

The cost of operational availability is in large determined in the design and construction phase of a product or system. Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) increases the return on investment through high operational availability and reduces the lifecycle cost by integrating logistical, support and maintenance considerations into to the design process. Through the process, products and system become more reliable and easier to maintain and support. ILS can lower unplanned maintenance costs, increase product availability, and reduce downtime throughout the product lifecycle. It is usually practiced in the defence industry but also in other sectors such as marine.

ILS includes

We help you drive projects, including planning the different roles in your project team and the development of the support system within the project.

We determine users’ training requirements and the best way to meet them.

We develop system descriptions, operating information, diagnostic data/information and software information.

We help you identify when parts/sub-systems fail and how to handle those situations.

We integrate and apply key performance indicators (quantitative and qualitative) to ensure ILS requirements are considered throughout the lifecycle.

We help you break down system and sub-systems into codified part lists.

A proactive approach for smooth operations

To get high-performing systems with minimal downtime, you need a long-term approach. Regular maintenance plays a pivotal role for efficient operations. With our ILS support, your system will operate at its best through a well-planned schedule of regular upgrades, maintenance, training, and repairs. This proactive approach ensures that your system remains in prime condition, fully operational, with minimal downtime. You can expect higher availability, reduced costs for unplanned maintenance, and increased return on investments. By choosing our support, you can rely on a partner that maximizes your system performance.

Make use of best practice from several industries

Entrust your ILS needs to our capable and dedicated professionals and benefit from our deep knowledge and experience in aftermarket solutions. Our diverse industry expertise and joint view on the ILS process let us combine the best from different industries to tailor a solution to your business. We deliver ILS competence and teams that maximize the effectiveness of your products and systems.

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