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E-learning authoring tools

In a world where training needs can change fast, you need the right tools at hand to create engaging and flexible learning.

Unleash your creativity to build impactful learning

At Aleido, we have in-depth experience and expertise working with the industry's leading e-learning authoring tools. We can help you select the right tool for your requirement – or we will work with your preferred tool. We also offer a range of tools for you to create your own learning with our training and support.

Aleido’s suite of e-learning authoring tools lets you unlock the power of effective learning and develop digital training with ease.

Our tools are designed to help you transform traditional content into interactive and accessible learning experiences, and let you add multimedia, quizzes, and simulations.

Learners can enjoy content that is visually appealing, interesting to explore and relevant to them, so that they gain deeper understanding and remember key information. The digital content also works seamlessly on different screen sizes, giving learners flexible study options.

Our solutions offer an intuitive interface and a range of advanced features that make content creation straightforward, even for those without any technical background. Published courses can be deployed in Learning Management Systems or online.

Unleash your creativity, engage your learners and achieve the training outcomes you need with Aleido's e-learning authoring tools.

E-learning tools from Aleido

Each of our tools has unique strengths and features, but they all offer robust functionality and high-quality user experiences:

  • Building blocks with sound pedagogical design for effective learning.
  • High standards of web accessibility that makes e-learning inclusive and usable for all learners.
  • Responsive web design optimises content to display on the user’s computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Progress tracking via globally recognised standards such as SCORM and xAPI.

Each tool's capabilities let you create high-impact and accessible e-learning, supporting your brand and meeting your learners' diverse needs.

We can help you with

Adapt Builder is a cloud service, where you and your team can collaborate and create accessible and engaging e-learning. We can help you get started, train your team and develop the templates you need.

An authoring tool that’s easy to get started with, particularly for people that are new to creating interactive learning. H5P supports various use cases, and is specifically suitable for micro-learning, as it can be used to build learning modules directly in your LMS.

At Aleido, we’ve developed our own framework to support customers who would benefit from an industrialized approach with dynamically updated e-learning. Our technology supports content re-use (typically XML based product information content stored in Content Management Systems), automated language versions and CSS based layout creation. While most standard authoring tools are built to develop static one-off courses with few language versions or maintenance requirements, our framework meets all those challenges. It is a cost effective and efficient way to develop and maintain your course catalogue ensuring consistent and up to date content.

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Reach out to discuss your needs and and explore which authoring tool is best for your requirements, using our contact details below. If you want to talk to our customers first-hand and hear about the effects of our work, we look forward to connecting you.


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