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Blended learning

Aleido’s blended learning combines the best of classroom learning with cutting-edge online resources to create an effective and enjoyable learning pathway.

Give your workforce a boost

Organisations working in a fast-paced economy need flexible learning solutions that enhance productivity. Training that is designed to meet the needs of diverse learner audiences will unlock employees’ potential and encourage them to grow. Effective learning designs can also streamline workforce skills development. When employees can study at their own pace and from anywhere, learning integrates with ease and efficiency into day-to-day work.

Whatever the training topic, the modern professional learner wants variety, choice and freedom. Live and expert guidance helps learners to develop relevant and specific knowledge, whilst engaging exercises and discussion let learners practise and consolidate their new skills. Digital resources give learners access to on-demand information, boosting competence and confidence through self-driven development.

Aleido’s blended learning offer is a personalised learning experience that meets the unique requirements of your organisation and learners. From small-scale webinars and virtual classrooms to in-person conferences, we design live sessions that integrate seamlessly with bespoke digital assets like games, animations and self-paced e-learning.

Inspire and motivate your workforce to excel with a flexible and cost-effective training blend.

Thank you so much! As always you have delivered a great piece of work and your flexibility, responsiveness and patience are very much appreciated.

- Mind, mental health charity in England and Wales

A modern mix

We recognise the learning value that live interaction can bring. Our real-time online and face-to-face workshop designs make the most of opportunities for group engagement, discussion and activities.

Aleido’s digital learning resources offer on-demand guidance to suit the topic and learning environment, from complex simulations to interactive documents.

Our blended learning solutions are informed by three decades of applied expertise in learning design and the delivery of thousands of learning experiences, many of which have won industry awards for learning excellence.

Our robust approach to project management has been tried and tested over years of customer collaborations. We work closely with customers to meet specifications for branding, learning content, interactivity, and accessibility. Our flexibility and creative problem-solving lets us work within a wide variety of budgets and timeframes.

With experience in all major global industry sectors and a huge variety of subject areas, we can deliver excellent learning designs on topics from soft skills to technical knowledge.

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