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Rail and transport solutions

A reliable and efficient modern railway relies on up-to-date information that is easy to use. With more than 30 years in the railway industry, we can give you all the solutions and expertise you need to digitalise your product information.

Smooth operations with information to all railway user groups

Service technicians need up-to-date and user-friendly information to do their job as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. We have the expertise and solutions to digitalise rail product information, optimising the end user experience.

At Aleido we can improve your asset reliability, availability and passenger experience. Through our in-depth industry knowledge, we optimize repair and maintenance procedures and develop leading training solutions in efficient user interfaces regardless of the target group.

We effectively turn your product information into XML, giving Train Operating Companies (TOCs) the possibility to get up-to-date specific information at the touch of a screen. And we combine data from third parties to create commercially rich, applicable content, to improve maintenance information and training material. By going from PDF files to XML, you can also make significant savings in translation costs.

Whether you have built a new rolling stock or handle an existing fleet, we will be your partner all the way:

Man with laptop in industry setting

If you build a rolling stock, we can support you with:

  • User guides, manuals
  • Online parts catalogues
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Life cycle cost calculations and serviceability
  • Fire safety evaluations
  • Training content creation and training tools
  • Predictive maintenance applications
  • Content and document management

If you operate a fleet, we can support you with:

  • Re-authoring user guides, manuals & maintenance procedures
  • Electronic parts catalogues
  • Training content creation and training tools
  • Predictive maintenance applications
  • Content and document management

Case studies

Swiss rail manufacturer Stadler partnered with us to give their customers a coherent and user-friendly experience in their documentation platform – whether the technical documentation was from Stadler or its suppliers. This also made the information compatible with the company’s more advanced product information platform, where information is automatically adapted to each user and situation.

Many subsuppliers still provide maintenance manuals and technical descriptions as PDF, each with their own layout. Customers who need information about a certain component have a hard time finding it, due to the inconsistent appearance and terminology in the documents, and the lack of searchability.

Our process to transfer suppliers’ PDF documents to XML code has made product information searchable and possible to link in Stadler’s own technical documentation. Customers find what they need faster, and the documentation platform gets a consistent look.

We have developed a tool to drag-and-drop the XML code into Stadler’s information platform. Once Stadler’s suppliers give their consent, their documentation can easily be incorporated.

Another bonus with turning the PDF manuals into XML code is that Stadler is future-proofs the content. If the company were to change documentation platforms in the future, the XML code only needs small changes to be migrated.

Read the full case study here

World-leading Alstom was due to deploy a new train control system for a customer. We developed a mobile app for microlearning to prepare their customers’ employees for the upcoming change.

Our team focused on the end users to create the best learning conditions for operators, technicians and other personnel. Through a solution fully adapted to the target groups’ needs and behaviours, we gave Alstom and its customer a smooth and effortless transition.

The microlearning app supported users prior to, during and after the implementation of the new train control system. With small pieces of information presented at just the right time, everyone could take part in the training when it suited them best.

With every piece of information, we prepared the user for the next step in the implementation and gave background information, rationales and objectives. Towards the end, users were invited to more advanced e-learning and classroom courses. Still, microlearning in the app lives on. We implemented both review and continuous training for the new control system in the app. And new or additional information can be rolled out quickly and efficiently. The app can also be customized to meet other needs. Salespeople could learn more about the products they sell, and mechanics can access specific tutorials right where they are, without having to leave the workshop floor.

When it comes to successful rollouts of new advanced systems, putting the human perspective in the centre is key.

Peter Feltenmark, Traffic Management System Manager at Alstom

Over 30 years in the railway industry

We have over 30 years of experience of delivering aftermarket information and training solutions specifically for the railway industry. We support our customers using different business models depending on their specific needs – as specialist or temporary support, in projects and in functional outsourcing setups.

Our customers within rail and transport solutions appreciate our competence and skills and especially how we understand and meet their business needs. When asked how satisfied they are with us as a supplier, we receive an NPS score of 79.

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