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AI and Automation

In today's rapidly changing business world, companies face a range of challenges in customer support, managing technical information, and adapting to digital processes. These challenges include making information easily accessible for customers, providing personalised support, and managing technical information and data effectively within the organisation.

How we create value with AI and automation

The potential of AI

By using AI-powered solutions, companies can ensure consistent technical information across all departments, streamlining internal operations and improving customer experiences. This means things like using smart chatbots to assist customers and helping employees manage technical information more efficiently.


Information collection and enrichment

One common challenge our customers face is how to unify and connect information and data from many different sources. The available data also needs to be structured and enriched with metadata to be able to be used. There is a lot of value in the data and information that today cannot be realized.

We use AI, advanced technology, and data management skills to connect and make use of data and information through:

  • Connecting data and information with graphs.
  • Enrich information using metadata and semantics.
  • Validation of data and information towards standards and guidelines.

High quality data and information that is validated and easily integrated creates the base for applications such as Smart support chat bots, Support information systems with predictive maintenance and spare part applications with integrated information.

Create high quality technical information

The everyday work as a technical writer is to a high degree about to find and understand data and information about complex systems, processes and products and translating that into high quality output which meets all industry standards and requirements.

We use cutting edge technology to streamline the process from collecting and understanding the input to transform those insights and knowledge to world-leading technical information.

  • AI knowledge base combining all input and to help explain complex concepts.
  • Writing support to create first drafts, check for language, writing style and terminology.
  • Advanced Content Management Systems to reuse content.
  • Automatic metadata tagging for advanced searchability and filtering.
  • Validating information towards standards and information models.

These solutions speed up the writing process as well as increase the quality of the information.


With today’s complex products, frequent updates and high expectations on user-friendliness having a competent delivery solution is key to keeping your customers happy.

We use well proven technology powered by AI to ensure that that the information is made available for the configuration, version and at the correct level of competence of each user.

The delivery platform can deliver information to multiple interfaces simultaneously, with total control of what content goes where and to which users.

Our solution is built to work at scale taking into consideration search performance and user statistics.

Read more about our CDP (Content Delivery Platform)



Less time searching for the right information makes users more satisfied and efficient. Adding AI to the consumption of information can personalise the user experience even more, enabling users to interact with the information and ask questions in their own language, compare, and simplify the content. It also provides the possibility to translate on the fly to the user’s preferred language. Looking at a whole fleet of service technicians, the total time saving of providing all information in one place, findable and accurate is astonishing.

  • Less time searching for the right information
  • Less need for support
  • Faster and more cost-effective problem-solving
  • Less wear and tear and fewer unplanned stops
  • Safer operations and service
  • Increased sales of spare parts
  • Better user experience
  • Better understanding of the user's needs and behaviours
  • Fewer information channels to keep track of as both legacy and new content can be presented in the same channels.

Our software engineers create the perfect interfaces that generate end-user value.

  • Custom information apps and portals
  • Smart support chat bots
  • Interactive parts catalogues
  • And more..

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