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What makes us different

We're an industry leader within aftermarket information and learning solutions. But our advantage goes beyond sheer size.

At Aleido, we take every opportunity to stay at the forefront of the information evolution. With decades driving the development of aftermarket information and learning solutions, we know the importance of informed users – not just for companies and individuals, but also for society and our planet.

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between technology and the people who depend on it. In short, “To make the advanced simply understood”. By using advanced technology, we power your operations and improve user experiences. This is what drives us every day. It influences how we work together, guides how we serve our customers and informs how we interact with our partners.

Here's what sets us apart

Our core business

Product information is our core business, we specialise in helping you make the most of your aftermarket, whether it is for operating, using, maintaining or repairing a product or system.

A true partner

We are a true partner strategically and operationally. We can take care of your entire process in our managed service set-up and lower the total cost as well as increase the value of your product information.


We use advanced technology including AI and automation to increase scalability, enhance efficiency, and ensure the quality of your product information.

International team of experts

With our multisite delivery you get cost-efficient support and expertise from our teams around the world. We move work not people.

Cross-industry knowledge

We handle complex tasks with a proven track record. We offer a powerful combination of scale and adaptability, and we bring best practices and knowledge across a wide range of industries.

Our people

What truly sets us apart are the people who work to make the advanced simply understood. At Aleido, we pride ourselves on being forward-thinking with an attitude that anything is possible. We provide an environment that balances support with autonomy, fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and continuous learning.

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