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More digital education in the City of Malmö


For the City of Malmö, it is crucial that employees have the opportunity to grow and develop in their professional roles. A flexible Learning Management System (LMS) that can easily adapt to the organisation and the diverse needs of its employees is a key element in achieving this ambition. In the procurement of a new LMS, the choice for Malmö City fell on Aleido and Totara TXP.

For a large organisation like the City of Malmö, the need for competence development is constantly relevant, and there are many advantages to investing in digital education. It becomes more efficient to develop, administer, and conduct training, and even more employees get the opportunity to educate themselves. A good LMS is crucial, and we are pleased that Malmö City has chosen us as a collaborative partner

Erik Baljeu, General Manager of Aleido Learning.

By using a new LMS, one can extract more value from the investment made in training due to increased flexibility and accessibility. Fewer trips for training also have a positive impact on the environment. Moreover, the time spent on administration and conducting training is reduced. The ability to quality-assure who has taken which training is an additional advantage, especially important for legally mandated education.

After the procurement process, it was clear that Aleido was the right partner for us. This is based on the fulfillment of all requirements and from a user perspective. We had about 50 employees test various learning platforms, and Totara TXP turned out to be very user-friendly for the end users.

Comments the City of Malmö.

Aleido will also support the city of Malmö in producing digital training and content in their new LMS. Aleido has extensive experience in helping organisations drive change through learning and is currently a leading player in digital learning in Sweden. The team working with the City of Malmö includes specialists in system development, pedagogy, graphic design, and front-end development. The agreement spans three years with the possibility of extension for an additional total of ten years.


Lena Söderholm

Chief Communication Officer