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Electric vans supported by enhanced product information.

Aleido is developing digital product information for UK based Innovation Automotive’s new electric vehicles. The diagnostic information and owners’ manuals will ensure that service technicians have the right information to carry out their work efficiently and effectively, improving the customer’s ownership experience.

Innovation Automotive is a new multi-brand electric vehicles provider, introducing a range of electric vans, mainly from China, to the UK. To enhance the technical documentation for their latest van model and translate it to UK standards, the company reached out to Aleido.

With the right product information solution, we can improve the user experience, both when it comes to streamlining service and enhancing the owner’s experience. We at Aleido are looking forward to delivering this project and hopefully expanding our collaboration in the future.

Andrew McCabe, Country Manager at Aleido

The project started in April and is planned to run through August 2022, with a possible continuation. Aleido’s team currently consist of three experts within technical writing, illustration and diagnostic information.

Today, digital and customised product information creates important competitive advantages for companies when it comes to strengthening the relationship with their customers, through, for example, increased uptime, more efficient service and maintenance and a better user experience.


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Andrew McCabe

Country Manager UK

Jonas Nilsson

Business Development Manager Automotive