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Promoting household appliances with product information

Imagine a salesperson who needs to be able to explain all the benefits of a new washing machine. Or a customer who wants to understand the many advanced features of their new oven. In both cases, clear and efficient product information is needed – to highlight both the brand and the technical benefits of the product. That is precisely what Aleido has delivered to ASKO Appliances.

ASKO manufactures premium household appliances with emphasis on quality and Scandinavian design. The company chose Aleido when they needed help devising a new concept for their marketing and training material. This initiative resulted in interactive presentations and animations that will work as both sales material and training material for the ASKO Academy, based on the ASKO brand ‘look and feel’.

Aleido is one of the most well-structured and delivery-focused external suppliers we have ever worked with. They stand for true integrity in all elements of their work and processes: an integrity that is clearly apparent from every sentence and every page they produce, every second of the animations they render, and every moment of their relationship with the customer.

Bo Peter Andersson, Product Marketing Manager at ASKO

With the ASKO Academy training material and animations, the product information team and the animations team at Aleido have both focused on the structure and consistency of information for resellers, technical service personnel and – ultimately – customers. The features and benefits of products have been highlighted, and the training material is taken to a new level by reusing the animations originally created for sales presentations. This approach has made the animations very versatile and easy to incorporate in deliverables of all kinds.

Aleido and ASKO have developed a unique collaboration style where the emphasis is on understanding different user needs, right down to the very finest product details. At ASKO, this has even been given a name: ‘Aleido moment’. This is the point at which the product has been dismantled and every single aspect of the product information has been taken care of so as to maximise output for users.

From both a customer confidence and a branding standpoint, it is very important to ensure that consumers are able to feel familiar with both the format and the content when viewing information. This enhances usability in line with the perception of the ASKO brand. All this has been achieved with the animation delivery whilst maintaining a high level of technical content.

Roger Carew, Team Manager Graphics at Aleido.

I think our success has come about because we have worked together as partners, but at the same time we have challenged ASKO to move forward and consider what end-users really need. The ASKO feel is now consistent, and I reckon we have added value to the brand with our work and the way in which we collaborate with ASKO as a customer.

Malin Carlsson, Project Manager and Training Developer at Aleido

aleido’s team in Göteborg, Sweden and Warwick, UK, has DELIVERED:

Training Material:

A new concept and design for ASKO Academy training presentations, with focus on branding, features, benefits and a structure that will work for all product lines.

The new concept includes a template for interactive PowerPoint that easily can be presented and navigated in, like an e-learning solution.

7 different ASKO Academy Presentations with the new template:
– Washing machine
– Tumble dryers
– Ovens
– Refrigeration (built in)
– Gas, Induction and Combination Hobs

Animation deliveries:

ASKO Washing machines:
– Pro Wash
– Active Drum
– Quattro
– Auto Dosing
– Interface

ASKO Tumble Dryers:
– Soft Drum
– Steam Drying
– Heat Pump
– Multi Filter
– Interface

ASKO Ovens:
– Steam Function
– Interface


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