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Performance management and leadership

Accredited courses to promote a performance culture and support all staff to excel in their roles.


Aleido’s CPD-accredited essentials collection provides performance management tools that are ideally tailored for modern working. Our suite offers managers effective guidance for supporting their team and builds customer-facing skills.

All courses are delivered to maximise time efficiency. Course length ranges from 10 minutes of high-impact learning to modules of an hour plus for more substantial training areas.

Available to study on a computer, tablet or mobile, you can launch course content easily from your own learning management system, or we can provide our simple learning platform as part of the package.

  • Communication and having sensitive conversations
  • Personal effectiveness and maximising performance
  • Recruitment
  • Customer support and service
  • Disciplinary and grievance
  • Mental health, stress and healthy living


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Jack Baker

Marketing and Sales Manager

Aleido Learning UK