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IT skills

A range of interactive courses for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications.


Aleido offers a portfolio of courses that can help learners with MS Windows and the MS Office suite of products. Our modules support learners to understand the basics as well as progress to advanced capabilities.

The courses include a series of interactive tutorials, as well as practical exercises and comprehensive testing. Courses are divided into easily digestible lessons of 10-20 minutes and multiple language versions are also available for deployment to international learners.

You can launch course content easily from your own learning management system, or we can provide our simple learning platform as part of the package.

  • Microsoft Office 365 including Microsoft Teams and email communication
  • Microsoft Office suite from 2010 onwards
  • Core functionalities and specialist features
  • Microsoft upgrades and software transitions

Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Windows are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.


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Jack Baker

Marketing and Sales Manager

Aleido Learning UK