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How we learn and develop

We know that competence is our competitive advantage, that’s why we’re committed to learning. This is how we stay relevant and grow. Our learning culture helps us break new grounds, by encouraging people to develop new skills, share insights and embrace continuous learning.

At Aleido, you can deepen your existing competence and learn new skills. We support you through an active dialogue about your ambitions to find the right learning opportunities.

Learning takes place continuously – in daily work, when collaborating, and through courses.

Our Learning Promise

We have a shared view of what learning is. We call it our Learning Promise. It guides us in our approach to learning and development.

We make sure all employees have access to new knowledge and inspiration, including relevant and effective formal learning. We utilise the competence already within our company by sharing our own knowledge and learning from each other. The desire to share is in our DNA, and we proactively contribute to strengthening the competence of others.

We have a learning culture where learning is seen as a value-adding activity.
We prioritise learning in our daily work by having a long-term plan for development in new areas and seeing learning as an investment.

As an employee, you are encouraged to plan and communicate your own learning strategy as part of your on-going development. Leaders in our company will support and encourage initiatives so that you can achieve your goals. We praise and showcase examples of people who take on the responsibility to learn and develop.

Read some of our employees’ take on our learning promise.

We want to make it a habit to share knowledge. In our team in Beijing, we have scheduled internal knowledge-sharing sessions.

Lei Pan, Team Manager, China

I view learning as more than just a task, I rather consider it a journey. I help my team members to see that learning does not only happen when on a course or in a classroom, but every day while we work on tasks or with other people. We can learn from almost anywhere!

Mark Clement, Team Manager, UK

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Learning opportunities

Learning is more than taking a course occasionally. It’s ongoing and needs to be adapted to each individual and situation. That’s why we work with it in several ways. Curious? Read more below.

Formal learning

LEAP (Learning Aleido Platform) is our learning platform which is your go-to place for fulfilling learning activities. Here, you can find custom-built digital courses, attend recorded webinars, or sign up for face-to-face workshops.

Our onboarding journey is our way of making you feel welcome. We start the onboarding prior to your first day by inviting you to a preboarding programme, then the journey continues throughout your first months.

We arrange seminars and workshops in areas that are of extra importance to us. It’s an opportunity for everyone to develop in our key areas and learn together with others.

We have leadership programmes to develop tomorrow’s leaders. With a well-defined framework, the participants progress in leadership, business thinking and people management, practising through real-life case studies.

inFormal learning

We have a process for the dialogue between employees and managers about development. This is your chance to communicate your ambitions and learning needs, and your manager can find ways to support you.

We arrange get-togethers to learn from each other on a regular basis, within and across roles and competencies.

In several of our competence areas, we drive networks to share experiences and best practices. The networks are the place to go when you have a quick question you want help with or when you want to discuss the challenges at work.

We promote mentorship to develop within a specific area. In addition, we use it in our leadership programmes, during your onboarding and throughout the progression within your role. Having a mentor to coach and guide you is an effective way of learning, and we also see it as a valuable experience for the mentor.

Let’s not forget all the learning that takes place every day whilst working. We facilitate this through on-the-job training, where learning goals are defined in relation to a task or project and followed up on with reflections.