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Spare parts engineering and information

A main source of revenue and profitability in the aftersales sector is usually spare part sales. When customers schedule a service or run into a product breakdown, our information solutions make it easy to find and order the correct spare parts.

Make the most of your spare part sales

When customers schedule a service or encounter a product breakdown, it is crucial to provide the spare parts quickly and accurately for repairs. The aftermarket experience significantly influences customer loyalty, making an effortless process for locating and ordering the correct parts critical. Nobody wants to waste time searching for the right spare part or end up ordering the wrong one.

At Aleido, we specialise in developing spare parts information solutions tailored for businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of strategies, including assortment definition, analysis, and spare parts engineering. We develop spare parts information, either in our customers’ authoring systems or in our own. The delivery comes as user-friendly online parts catalogues, specifically designed to present the products' configurations, filtered by VIN numbers or other variants of specific product numbers.

We seamlessly integrate your spare parts information with e-commerce platforms for a smooth online transaction. By connecting your spare parts inventory to an e-commerce system, we simplify the ordering process, creating a hassle-free experience for your customers. Accurate and accessible spare parts information drives customer satisfaction and boosts your spare parts sales. It also helps you streamline your spare part inventory, saving costs related to storage and obsolete spare parts.

We support numerous customers in the automotive industry, for example Volvo Cars, Polestar and LEVC (London Taxi). Our involvement starts in the early stages of product development. We assist in creating effective service strategies and work closely with our customers to establish requirements for serviceability and spare part breakdown. These requirements are followed up carefully throughout the product development process, to make sure the aftermarket business can operate as intended.

Additionally, we put our expertise into developing and improving the spare part assortment, spare part information, and spare part catalogue. Our team works efficiently to develop a well-thought-out selection of spare parts, leveraging our in-depth industry knowledge and insights. At the same time, we optimise the spare parts information and catalogue to make access and navigation easy for both service providers and customers.

By actively participating in the early stages of product development and aligning our strategies with our customers' objectives, we empower businesses in their aftermarket operations.

Tailored spare part solutions

Aleido is a long-term partner trusted by large corporations and small startups. We give unwavering support in strategy, analysis, and spare part breakdown requirements. Our aim is to develop the most efficient spare part assortment that aligns perfectly with your unique business model and priorities. Whether you seek to reduce maintenance time or cut costs, we focus on meeting your specific objectives.

We specialise in creating comprehensive spare part information and detailed exploded views, presented in either 2D or 3D, tailored precisely to your needs. We ensure that your spare part catalogue remains up to date and synchronized with other aftermarket areas, such as service information.

We understand how important it is to swiftly access relevant information. Our expertise covers all aspects of aftermarket information and navigating between different types of information should be effortless for the users. If you identify a faulty part through fault diagnosis, you should be able to locate the correct spare part and get clear instructions on how to replace it.

Some ways we support your spare part handling

With the help of illustrations, 3D graphics and animations, you gain an efficient toolkit to highlight spare parts in your products. Graphics such as exploded views give a good overview and allow you to zoom in and out to find the part you are looking for. Visual content is an easy way to consume information that aligns with the preferences of today’s users.

At Aleido, we have the visual communication skills to develop graphics suited for various information deliverables. We also have great experience and expertise in distributing these visuals digitally, in mobile devices, web portals, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Predictive maintenance allows for timely and targeted maintenance interventions. You can avoid unnecessary preventive maintenance tasks by addressing maintenance needs based on actual product or equipment conditions. It also helps to reduce costs associated with reactive maintenance, such as emergency repairs and equipment replacement. A prerequisite for an efficient action is that the right information is available. We have the experience and solutions to distribute the right spare part information directly to the service engineer or the operator doing the service. This safeguards the uptime of the product and improves operational efficiency.

When ordering a spare part, finding the right part should be effortless, regardless of whether you have the serial or part number at hand. That's why our product information services have multiple ways to locate the desired spare part.

With smart product information, you can easily identify the spare part you need by simply clicking on an image that corresponds to the correct item. Alternatively, you can enter the serial number directly or navigate through a user-friendly menu. We understand that different users have different preferences or levels of familiarity with the product, so we can propose various ways to ensure a seamless and efficient search process.

To improve the overall buying experience, we can seamlessly link your spare parts information to your spare parts catalogue and e-commerce platform. By integrating them, customers can easily browse, select, and purchase the right spare parts.

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