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Off the shelf e-learning

Not all training requirements need a bespoke solution. High quality ready-made learning equips your learners with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need.


Off the shelf e-learning is a cost effective and time efficient way to train your employees. Aleido’s ready-made online courses cover a broad range of topics that are essential in today’s workplace.

Our online courses transfer valuable knowledge on a large scale. Ready to deploy immediately, Aleido’s off the shelf e-learning offers an effective and relevant professional development solution for all industry sectors and working environments. We can also make launching your e-learning simple with our user-friendly learning platform.


Meeting your needs

Aleido maintains a wide off-the-shelf course collection that is regularly refreshed. Our carefully tailored selections meet all the key professional development needs of a modern workforce.

Great compliance e-learning courses enable your workforce to apply best practice and regulatory standards with regards to financial crime, information governance, ethics and equality issues.

Aleido offers vital training for all roles to stay well at work. Our wellbeing courses help learners to stay safe and secure at work and while travelling, and to practise good mental health awareness.

Our tailored portfolio of courses promotes a performance culture. Aleido’s training helps managers of all experience levels to support staff to excel and develops core leadership skills. Our diversity and inclusion range enables teams to maintain a respectful, tolerant and equal working relationship amongst employees of all backgrounds and experiences.

Aleido’s IT courses build skills so your team can make the most of common office software. Our comprehensive information security and data protection range equips learners with the tools to navigate the world of modern information exchange safely, securely and lawfully.

Perfect for time-poor learners and urgent training needs, Aleido offers short bursts of content on single topics in key areas such as compliance and performance culture. Practical knowledge gains in just a few minutes.

Content you can trust

Our courses are informed by leading subject matter experts to create a highly effective learning experience in a time-efficient package. We keep the content updated so that you can have complete confidence in the accuracy and relevance of your professional training.

  • Short bursts of content on single topics
  • In-depth and step-by-step guidance on more complex subjects
  • Easy to access and enjoyable to study by a diverse global audience
  • Engaging delivery with a range of media, case studies and activities
  • Knowledge checks to validate and evidence learning

Our learning designers can adapt any of Aleido’s course content to suit your needs and provide the courses in a range of languages.


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Jack Baker

Marketing and Sales Manager

Aleido Learning UK