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Technical training

Consistent and impactful digital learning

Help your service technicians to work more efficiently, decrease your service and warranty costs, and keep your customers happier with effective aftermarket technical training. Aleido’s technical training design turns your structured service information into effective digital learning content. We embed your existing content into your learning materials and can automate content updates to reflect your information maintenance schedule.

Our approach helps to keep your technical training consistent and can reduce course production time, development costs and translation costs. Reusing your existing content also means you don’t need to rely as much on subject matter experts in the design process. Aleido’s robust digital learning design maximises learning impact. By reusing content and mirroring your service information, your technical training audience will find key learning points more recognisable, consistent and memorable. Your learners can also enjoy reduced training times and the flexibility to study where, how, and when they want.


Efficient learning development

Aleido offers a highly efficient solution to developing technical training that stays up to date. We can dynamically link CMS based content into the e-learning and deliver on a cloud-based platform, so that individual blocks of content can be reused in multiple places and continually updated. We also automate course layout to maintain consistent design and branding across your courses. After only a handful of courses, the set-up investment starts paying off, and the benefits grow exponentially in both development and maintenance savings. Aleido’s efficient approach minimises costs for technical learning delivery on a large scale.

Case studies

We developed a learning concept to prepare service technicians for the automotive OEM Lynk & Co’s first European car launch. Built on this, we created a comprehensive digital learning program specifically designed to provide Lynk & Co technicians with the knowledge and skills to service their cars.

The program is mandatory to become an authorised Lynk & Co technician and covers key areas of the workflow such as the workshop environment, technical service and maintenance processes, and new tools. It is delivered in a practical, concise, and engaging format that seamlessly integrates into a technician's workday.

Read the full case study here

When implementing new advanced software systems, it is important for any business to have the employees onboard for the journey. World-leading Bombardier Transportation was due to deploy a new train control system for a customer. To help them get started on their journey towards change, Aleido has developed a mobile app for microlearning.

Read the full case study here

Expert development and delivery

Through our joint focus on aftermarket information and learning, Aleido is uniquely positioned to optimise development and maximise impact of your technical training content. We combine our expertise in learning design with our technical capabilities in large-scale digital development. We have repurposed the production technology of the technical documentation industry and applied it to learning content development, bringing you a highly efficient and effective technical training solution.

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