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Svelte learning management system

Svelte offers a streamlined learning platform that makes managing online training easy and helps you and your learners reach their potential.

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Thriving organisations deliver knowledge and skills training to the right people at the right time. A learning management system (LMS) gives you a digital platform to launch online training programmes.

Aleido offers Svelte LMS, a robust learning management system that makes it simple to launch and access online courses in a few clicks.

Whatever your upskilling needs, choose the user-friendly Svelte learning platform to roll out learning quickly and save time on learning administration.

Svelte: Slender and elegant. Well, that is a pretty good definition of this LMS, where a design philosophy of 'ease of use' delivers very high levels of learner engagement.

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Svelte is highly configurable with options for multiple languages and integration with your existing software. Used across the globe, Svelte is prized by both large and small organisations for its user-friendly design and affordability.

Svelte LMS features

  • Fast learner enrolment
  • Customised functionality, branding and presentation
  • Assign training using learner profiles and pathways
  • Set learner alerts and reminders
  • Monitor progress with data dashboards and reports

Our experienced learning advisors and developers support your LMS customisation and installation, working with you to make sure that your learning platform does exactly what you need.

Your lms questions answered

There is a one-off set up charge and an annual charge for licensing and hosting. The price depends on what features you need and how many learners you have.

Svelte supports SCORM and a wide range of file formats. LMS admins can also use the in-built assessment tool to create quizzes and schedule face-to-face or virtual sessions.

Using Svelte, admins can create different learning pathways so that learners only see the training that is relevant to them. You can assign a series of courses to different categories of learners including job roles, departments, locations and spoken language.

Svelte lets you create and schedule customised reports on course and learner data including performance, completion rates and feedback. Learner data is stored securely in the UK.

You can schedule automatic and regular reminder emails to prompt learners to complete their training.


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Darren Hockley

Department Manager

Aleido Learning UK