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At Aleido, we make it easier to gain knowledge and know-how about the advanced technologies people rely upon. As a result, people experience a safer, cost-effective and more sustainable life with technology.


Sustainability is at the core of our offerings, directly and indirectly.

Your products become more sustainable through our effective solutions. With better user information, the product life cycle can be prolonged as products are handled and maintained properly. With better service information, products can be serviced instead of replaced. Smaller spare parts can be changed instead of entire subsystems where most parts still work thanks to more precise troubleshooting.

Fewer service technicians need to travel to the site to solve a product issue, as local personnel can solve it themselves with more supportive information.

Digital product information itself puts less strain on the environment. With digital product information, no paper manuals need to be physically distributed, saving both trees and emissions.

As we develop product information from the users’ needs, we promote inclusion and empowerment: Illiteracy or language barriers are circumvented with visual instructions. Installation instructions by voice instead of text can make work environments safer. And our learning solutions are flexible in time and space to give more people autonomy and a fair chance to develop.

Code of conduct

Integrated in the business strategy

Our greatest contribution to a sustainable society is created through our customer assignments, but we also work resolutely with sustainability issues in our own operations and value chain. In line with our culture, values and Code of Conduct, we place high demands for business ethics on ourselves and others.

Read our Code of Conduct here Pdf, 277 kB.

Sustainability report

Aleido Group’s Sustainability Report 2023 has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Index (GRI) standard. The Sustainability Report also constitutes Aleido’s Communication on Progress (CoP) according to the UN Global Compact reporting principles.

Until 1 July 2023, Aleido was part of Semcon Group. More details about our sustainability agenda for 2022 can be found in Semcon’s Annual & Sustainability Report.

Read Aleido Sustainability Report for 2023 Pdf, 9 MB.

Read Semcon Sustainability Report for 2022 Pdf, 10 MB.