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Diagnostic information and Guided fault tracing

As products become more complex, often incorporating advanced electrical components, it is vital for technicians to have access to efficient diagnostic and guided fault tracing tools to carry out their work efficiently.

More efficient service technicians

The role of service technicians is critical to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. When faced with a problem, technicians must address two essential questions:

  1. What is the root cause of the fault?
  2. How can the fault be resolved?

As products become more complex, technicians need the appropriate diagnostic tools and information to carry out their work efficiently.

At Aleido, we equip service technicians with cutting-edge diagnostic information, troubleshooting support and strategies around using diagnostics. Our extensive expertise in diagnostic information not only enhances their efficiency but also prioritises safety, protecting both the technician doing the repairs and the end users relying on the product.

Our information empowers technicians to gain a deep understanding of complex products and systems, so they can swiftly identify the root cause of any malfunction. With our business focus, you can expect lower repair costs and higher operational efficiency, spare part sales and customer satisfaction. Equip your service technicians with the right information to thrive in today's demanding market.

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Diagnostic information

Guided fault tracing

Diagnostic Information

We provide a range of information deliverables and services to streamline your diagnostic maintenance procedures. By connecting early warnings with the right information, we help you prevent issues and avoiding extensive repairs.

Some of our diagnostic deliverables

We develop and formulate strategies and requirements to implement diagnostics, to ensure our customers are equipped with efficient service and aftermarket solutions.

We create information to describe the meaning and purpose of each diagnostic trouble code and what the values and actuations mean.

This information refers to the description of a customer function or a system within a product, including its purpose and characteristics.

A wiring diagram is a simplified engineering drawing of the electrical system of a component organised based on functions, with each function presented on a separate "page". This provides the service technician with information to identify and resolve faults efficiently. Additionally, we can enhance it by incorporating features like interactive mouseover functionality with coloured wires and links to the relevant information.

An international team supporting Volvo Cars

Workshop technicians can service and repair vehicles more quickly and easily when they have access to accurate diagnostic information for troubleshooting, service and spare parts information. We have developed the digital workshop information for an electric vehicle model by Volvo Cars to make sure the technicians have these tools to do their job.

We involved a broad mix of expertise in the project and formed an international team of diagnostic engineers, method developers, spare parts engineers and illustrators. About 35 people in total, located in Sweden, China and Hungary.

The multisite delivery setup is a well-established approach that we also have implemented in many other industries such as information and communication technology, medical technology, advanced machinery and equipment and energy equipment.

Guided fault tracing

Our customers always seek solutions to reduce repair costs and support their service technicians in finding electrical faults efficiently. Guided fault tracing for electrical faults and mechanical issues turns troubleshooting into a smooth process with minimal downtime to maximise productivity. It is based on symptoms or diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). The service technician is guided through clear step-by-step instructions to identify the faults and take the right actions. We can either use your current authoring system or Aleido’s Component Content Management System (CCMS).

Case studies

We implemented guided fault finding and improved the service information for a manufacturer of industrial equipment. The time to identify the root cause of a failure was reduced by an average of 50%, while the time to fix the failure was reduced by 75%. In the past, individuals would employ a method of "trial and error" by replacing multiple spare parts to locate and rectify the problem.

The implementation of guided fault tracing and service schematics resulted in a five-fold cost saving within the first year alone. This was achieved thanks to less time troubleshooting and less expenses associated with incorrect spare part replacements and training efforts. With better guidance from the information, junior service technicians were able to complete the work within the same timeframe as senior service technicians.

The cost for implementing guided fault tracing was refunded immediately by the ability to address a fault on a machine directly, as opposed to the previous method of changing a large number of unnecessary spare parts to determine the root cause of the error.

Make use of our decades of experience

At Aleido, we bring decades of experience to the table. We specialize in providing first-class diagnostic services, along with innovative diagnostic information specifically for industries such as automotive, machinery, telecom and rail. Our offerings serve a diverse range of sectors, with diagnostic information for cars, trucks, demolition robots, mining machines, agricultural machines, and manufacturing equipment.

Our ability to understand and address customers’ business needs stands out. We recognize that all industries and organisations have their own challenges and requirements so we provide bespoke solutions that align with our customers' objectives.

We work closely with our clients to deliver high-quality services that make a tangible difference, whether the goal is to make operations more efficient, reduce downtime or optimize performance. Our dedicated team of experts combines in-depth knowledge with industry-leading tools and techniques to give our clients the most value and strongest results.

With Aleido, you can rely on our unmatched expertise. Together, we will overcome challenges, drive innovation, and move your business forward.

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