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Learning strategy

A good learning strategy is informed by robust evidence and aligns your skills programme to drive the change you need.

drive positive change

Do you need to increase productivity or quality of outputs, customer or employee satisfaction? Or just ensure compliance? Regardless of the type of change you need, your team’s knowledge and skills are the key to success.

Aleido’s experienced learning advisors will support you to build an effective learning and development strategy to underpin your training programme. We take into account your unique context and situation and consider everything that affects the learning experience including competencies, tools and processes.

Benefit from our experience across a wide range of industries and let us help you improve talent development, job satisfaction and employee retention.

Evidence for training impact

We can carry out a training needs analysis to support strategic decision-making, assessing the objectives of your organisation, and the profiles, jobs and tasks of your team, so you have evidence for what is needed to improve performance.

We also offer evaluation services, testing learning effectiveness against your goals and analysing return on investment so you can optimise learning impact.



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Andy Wiles

Head of Sales

Aleido Learning UK