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Information and communication technology

In the high-paced and ever-changing transformation of the telecom and IT landscape, providing users with instant access to reliable, scalable and relevant product knowledge is a competitive edge.

Empowered users with up-to-date product information

The rapidly changing landscape of connected devices and high volumes of data traffic is a daily challenge for the telecom industry. Product and software releases are more frequent, while solutions get more complex. You need relevant product information to be able to implement and upgrade software solutions efficiently and to support your customers in this ever changing and expanding infrastructure.

Many software companies find it challenging to create and deliver relevant, harmonised and up-to-date information to their various customers, be it end users or configuration consultants. The quality of the product information impacts the efficiency of project installation and users’ ability to make use of software features. It also affects how much value software buyers get from their investments, and how satisfied they are with their supplier. If information can’t be found or isn’t helpful enough, users turn to the support organisation instead, which is a costly way to help. We collaborate with our customers’ agile development teams, both to understand the details of each function in their solution and to describe the solution as a whole.

We have automated both production and distribution of product information to improve customer value and satisfaction. Our solutions for software product information and digital learning are based on years of developing complex systems requiring fast updates and interfaces for different user groups. Our focus is to make the end user understand from the information we provide how the software should be optimized, upgraded, and managed. This leads to more uptime and higher customer satisfaction.

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Case studY

Our intelligent assistant was originally designed specifically for a large telecom company to improve the safety and productivity of their service technicians. Recognizing the risks associated with working at great heights, where accessing information through traditional means such as scrolling and reading is both inefficient and dangerous, we developed an AI-powered solution together with the customer. With voice search and instructions, technicians can do their tasks more effectively and securely. Leveraging the assistant's capabilities, technicians can now effortlessly communicate and seek guidance in their preferred language, while receiving clear and concise step-by-step instructions.

When starting the rollout, the customer projected a 16% increase in on-site efficiency for their service technicians.

Driving development with major actors in the sector

With over 25 years of experience in the telecom and IT industry, we have led the development of technical information and digital learning solutions for global corporations. Our customers know they can rely on us to provide innovative and future-proof technologies with cost-efficiency and high quality in every assignment.

When asking our customers in this industry how satisfied they are with us as a supplier, we receive an NPS score of 77.

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