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Service and repair information

Efficient service and repair information is a double win in the business landscape. When service technicians have immediate access to the information they need, the servicing process is much more efficient. It increases uptime and frees up time for more repairs to be done.

Making service more efficient in several ways

With better information, technicians can spend less time searching for relevant details, and more time on actual service and repairs. This directly translates into increased uptime, improved service organisation efficiency, and ultimately, more satisfied customers.

At Aleido, we deliver a complete range of services and solutions in service information. Our offerings include guided troubleshooting, repair methods with standard labour times, interactive wiring diagrams, and service bulletins. With these tools, technicians can work more efficiently, improving the overall service experience.

We also take a proactive approach to minimizing the need for repairs and complex service procedures. During the early phases of product development, we conduct assessments to support development teams in improving the serviceability of the end product. Our information solutions facilitate predictive maintenance, enabling early warnings to avoid product failures and reduce downtime. It also reduces warranty costs, as service and repairs can be sped up dramatically through optimising the procedures.

We understand the value of comprehensive service information and its impact on your business. By leveraging our expertise and solutions, you can make your operations more efficient, reduce repair times and improve customer satisfaction. Improving the information for your most frequent or time-consuming warranty services will save you a lot in terms of both time and money. With our seamless integration of service and parts information you can also boost your spare parts sales, leading to higher revenue and stronger customer engagement.


Make use of our decades of experience

We bring decades of experience to the table. Our focus lies in providing exceptional service and repair information, along with innovative solutions tailored specifically for industries such as automotive and advanced machinery and equipment, telecom, and rail. Our offerings serve a wide range of sectors, with information solutions for cars, trucks, demolition robots, mining machines, agricultural machines, trains and manufacturing equipment.

Our ability to understand and address our customers’ business needs stands out. We recognize that all industries and organisations have their own challenges and requirements so we provide bespoke solutions that align with our customers' objectives.

We work closely with our clients to deliver high-quality services that make a tangible difference, whether the goal is to make operations more efficient, reduce downtime or optimize performance. Our dedicated team of experts combines in-depth knowledge with industry-leading tools and techniques to give our customers the most value and strongest results.

Some of our service information solutions

Using 3D CAD models we produce detailed step-by-step instructions with both illustrations and short, concise text for each step. The illustrations are clearly marked with pre-defined colours to visualize what is in focus for the specific step. Our approach to instruction development is highly efficient, giving you safe and quality-assured instructions for both products and technicians.

To ensure the right warranty claim and simplify customer price, standard labour times can be added to each step. These labour times are developed digitally (synthetic labour times) in Aleido’s component content management system (CCMS), but can be added to your current content management system as well.

With the help of illustrations, 3D images, and animations, you gain an efficient toolkit to explain and communicate the functionality and features of complex technologies. Rather than relying on text-heavy content, graphics offer a clear overview, and interactive images effectively guide users through specific information. Visual content is an easy way to consume information that aligns with the preferences of today’s users.

Visual content keeps translation costs to a minimum and multiple deliverables can be derived from the same 3D model.

At Aleido, we have the visual communication skills to develop graphics suited for various information deliverables. We also have great experience and expertise in distributing these visuals digitally, in mobile devices, web portals, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Predictive maintenance allows for timely and targeted maintenance interventions. By addressing maintenance needs based on actual product or equipment conditions, you can avoid unnecessary preventive maintenance tasks. You also reduce costs associated with reactive maintenance, such as emergency repairs and equipment replacement. A prerequisite for quick action is that the right information is available. We have the experience and solutions to distribute the right information directly to the technician or the operator on how to do the specific maintenance or repair. This safeguards product uptime and improves operational efficiency.

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