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Functional outsourcing

Product information plays a key role in efficient aftermarket operations and satisfied customers. Let us take full responsibility for this part of your business, so that you can focus on your core.

Get the best skills without hiring

Our customers want to optimise their aftermarket operations, increasing both customer satisfaction and efficiency. We help them achieve this with digitalised product information. By distributing the information efficiently and presenting it across various digital channels, we make sure users get the support they need.

As product information is rarely considered the core business for our customers, it can be challenging for them to handle it on their own. Recognising that product information is our core business, customers often select us as their preferred partner to manage their product information over time.

By entrusting us with the outsourcing of your product information operations, we assume the responsibility for one or more of your non-core functions. In essence, this collaboration allows you to retain ownership of decision-making, strategic management, and requirements. We take responsibility for the ongoing production and delivery, adhering to the requirements we agree upon. Through our collaboration, you can benefit from our proactive involvement, knowledge, best practices and advice to lower the total cost and increase the value of your product information.

Why companies outsource their product information operations to us:

  • To drive innovation and continuous improvements, which is challenging when product information is not your core competence.
  • To minimise the risks associated with the transformation to digital product information.
  • To reduce the overall costs and instead have a variable cost that is based on actual needs.
  • To avoid expenses related to staff turnover and absences.
  • To get access to the new competencies that are needed for digital product information which are difficult to find and hard to sustain over time unless there is a critical mass.
  • To harmonise product information across different business units, which many companies fail to do on their own.

We chose Aleido based on their ability to create and produce content that adds value to AGCO, Dealers and Customers by providing high quality, standardized publications.

Bill Fitzgibbons, Vice President Global Dealer Technical Support

Case studies

Since 2019 we have a partnership with leading agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO, taking responsibility for developing and producing AGCO’s aftermarket information. We develop operator’s manuals, installation instructions and service & repair instructions.

AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural equipment. They offer a comprehensive range of machines and equipment with brands such as Challenger, Fendt, GSI, Massey Ferguson and Valtra.

Through our partnership, we improve the user experience for both their machine dealers and customers. We standardize the aftermarket information and make it user-friendly, so this advanced agricultural equipment is easier to use and maintain. The right information at the right time is crucial for operators to understand how a product works or how it can be maintained and repaired effectively.

We have been a partner to a multinational automotive manufacturer since 1999. The company has outsourced the development and production of digital user information, for all their models globally, to us. Our work contains a broad palette of products, deliverables and services, such as user manuals (onboard and in apps), quick guides, service & warranty information, animated quick guides, software information and UX expertise. We produce and deliver the user information quickly and efficient through our multisite setup, involving information experts in Sweden, UK, China and Hungary.

We have been driving the digitalisation journey in close cooperation with our customer’s User Information team and taken initiative on several innovative concepts and solutions. Some of them, that were groundbreaking at the time, are: interactive user information, topic-based authoring, mobile applications, augmented reality, animations and voice-directed search. Our combined efforts have positioned the automotive manufacturer at the forefront of User Information.

Bringing you cost-effective quality content

We have taken full responsibility for our customers' product information operations for over 20 years. Our customers vary from large enterprises with global operations to small organisations operating nationally. Through our partnership, their product information is managed in a cost-effective way and brings value to their users and customers. Since our customers span different industries, we can also make use of best practice from one industry to another. Our extensive structural capital ensures cost efficiency, quality, and flexibility in our deliveries. We also collaborate both locally and globally within Aleido to bring you the best outcome.

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