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Diversity and inclusion

A suite of courses that provides a framework for a diverse and inclusive company culture.


Our diversity and inclusion offering promotes the respect and inclusion of people of all races, gender identities, sexual orientation, ages, and physical and mental differences. Courses help learners empathise with the challenges that different people face. Aleido’s diversity and inclusion range supports learners to spot harmful unintentional gestures and ally with colleagues who need support, and manage any problematic situations when needed.

This suite will provide learners with a strong and solid framework enabling them to contribute to a harmonious and diverse company culture while working better together as a team.

Available to study on a computer, tablet or mobile, you can launch course content easily from your own learning management system, or we can provide our simple learning platform as part of the package.

  • Diversity awareness
  • Promoting respect and inclusion
  • Sexual harassment
  • Bias awareness
  • Problematic behaviour
  • UK equality legislation


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Jack Baker

Marketing and Sales Manager

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