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Safeguarding - how to fulfil the school governance role

A bespoke 60-minute module for governors, trustees and clerks of state schools and academies in England to provide them with knowledge of safeguarding requirements and a practical understanding of how to fulfil their responsibilities.


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Story/scenario driven

The training need

The National Governance Association (NGA) identified a need to develop updated e-learning on safeguarding that was well-structured, engaging and interactive and provided a practical and relatable perspective tailored to the governance role.

In addition to the challenging volume of source content, the target audience was diverse, comprising volunteers with varying levels of knowledge and experience. The learning needed to take into account a range of specific roles, responsibilities and accountabilities as trustees, governors, LGB members or clerks, as opposed to practitioners such as head teachers, teachers and other school staff.

Other specific requirements included:

  • Use of Articulate Storyline 360 as the authoring tool
  • Full audio narration
  • The inclusion of animation to create added interest and variation in explaining key concepts
  • The design of PDF documents as supporting resources

Our bespoke learning solution

The module takes learners through a logical flow of engaging and clearly structured topics as they build their knowledge and understanding. The significant amount of content has been balanced with practical and engaging examples, as well as a relevant case study that runs through each topic as an illustrative story with activities. This ensures that the learning is contextualised and maintains the interest of participants. They are further encouraged to reflect and check their understanding through a range of activities, questions and a quiz at the end of each topic.

A variety of interactive screens also ensures continuous engagement. The imagery is diverse and uses a mix of photographic and illustrative images, as well as icons and a Vyond animation, all brought together within an overall visual theme which is aligned with NGA branding. In addition to the case study running as a thread through the learning, two characters appear throughout as mentors to personalise and share their knowledge and experience. The full audio option is available for learners to engage both visually and through listening to the content.

A number of additional resources are available to support the learning. Some of these were official or existing materials, and some were re-designed as part of the development process to align with the look and feel of the module. The use of resources also enabled information ‘layering’ as some of the detail could be moved out of the learning itself to keep the module focused and manageable for learners.


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