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Turning sub-suppliers manuals into smooth user-experience

Swiss rail manufacturer Stadler is partnering with Aleido to give customers a coherent and user-friendly experience in the company’s documentation platform – whether the technical documentation originates from Stadler or sub-suppliers.

In doing so, Stadler automatically prepares for providing an even better user-experience than the previous technical documentation: Once streamlined, the new solution can easily be incorporated into the company’s more advanced product information platform, where information is automatically adapted to each user and situation.


Many sub-suppliers still provide their maintenance manuals and technical descriptions in PDF format, each with their own layout. If not handled, a customer who needs information about a certain component will have a hard time finding it, due to the inconsistent appearance and terminology in the documents and the lack of searchability.

Aleido’s process to transfer these sub-supplier PDF documents to XML code makes product information searchable and possible to link in Stadler’s own technical documentation. It helps customers find what they need faster and gives the platform – in which all documentation can be found – a consistent look.


In addition to the platform, where customers can find vehicle descriptions down to every component, maintenance manuals and other technical documentation, Stadler is using a third-party software that provides users with specific information needed in a given moment.

Aleido has developed a tool to drag-and-drop the XML code into this technical documentation software. Once Stadler’s sub-suppliers give their consent, their documentation can easily be incorporated – and easier to use.

Another bonus with turning the PDF manuals into XML code is that Stadler is future-proofing the content: If the company decides to change documentation platforms in the future, the XML code only needs small changes to be migrated.


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