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Innovative driver information for Lynk & Co's future cars


For several years, Aleido's Swedish operations have maintained a close collaboration with the car manufacturer Lynk & Co. This partnership is now expanding, as Aleido's international team takes full responsibility for developing driver information for an upcoming car model and updating the information for the existing car model, Lynk & Co 01.

We are very proud to receive an expanded trust from Lynk & Co. Aleido has extensive experience in breaking from tradition and thinking innovatively. Our mission involves, among other things, elevating the visualisation level in Lynk & Co's driver information to make it even more user-friendly and cost-effective to maintain.

Johan Ekener, CEO of Aleido.

By incorporating a significant amount of images and animations, the need for detailed text and, consequently, translation is reduced. Additionally, this approach creates better conditions for Lynk & Co's car-sharing concept, a way to maximize the use of the cars. Visual and easily accessible instructions make it simpler for both the car owner and those using a car for a shorter period to understand and operate the vehicle.

Aleido's mission includes developing all driver information for upcoming car models and updating the information for the existing car model 01. The goal is to further enhance the end-user experience, where driver information is an integrated part of the entire product experience.

We want those driving our cars to have the most positive experience possible, and it is crucial to easily find and understand the driver information. In our collaboration with Aleido, we are taking another significant step in improving and simplifying for our end-users.

Pasi Aihtia, Director Uptime Information, Lynk & Co

Aleido's international team comprises technical writers, project managers, and illustrators from Sweden, the United Kingdom, and China.


Lena Söderholm

Chief Communication Officer